Thirty Drink Announces New Label

CINCINNATI— Thirty Drink, The Healthy Sports Drink, a leading producer of clean sports and functional beverages, is excited to announce a new label to help with consumer demands. Thirty Drink listened to the market and has added verbiage to clarify exactly who we are, to new consumers nationwide. We are “Thirty Drink – The Healthy Sports Drink.”

Thirty Drink’s five flavors are now being sold in 17 states through distribution networks including KeHE,Heidelberg Distributing, GFS and Sysco. Thirty Drink is available in major retailers such as HEB, HyVee and Kroger as well as online at Furthermore, Thirty Drink is also Smart Snack approved and is available for purchase in high school lunch lines nationwide, distributed by GFS and Sysco.

“Thirty Drink has provided us with a healthy clean label alternative sports drink, that students are loving!” said Janelle Brunswick, Mason City Schools, assistant child nutrition supervisor.

In 2018, Thirty Drink tripled in sales; and we added three new, thirst-quenching flavors to the line-up.With a rapidly growing brand and strong industry partners, 2019 is poised to be a great year for Thirty Drink.

“Words cannot express how pleased we are with the direction Thirty Drink has been going over these last two years since our launch. We have created a delicious, premium, good for you beverage for consumers actively seeking clean brands and products. We are excited for a great 2019 and look forward to continued growth within retailers across the country,” said Patrick McGinnis, founder and CEO, ThirtyDrink, LLC.

Thirty Drink has been specifically formulated to satisfy the rehydration needs of athletes and health conscious consumers by including more of what the body needs and less of what it doesn’t. The brand’s name is derived from the fact that each 12 oz. bottle contains only 30 calories while packing nearly triple the electrolytes and a third of the sugar of your average sports drink.

Thirty Drink appeals to health conscious consumers who need a great-tasting, low calorie and low sugar beverage which also provides the natural source of electrolytes and essential vitamins. Thirty Drink is sweetened with plant-based sweeteners including stevia, monk fruit and real sugar. Thirty Drink uses B vitamins and zinc to enhance the quality of its product which is essential for the body to rehydrate and refuel. Thirty Drink does not contain any artificial flavors, artificial colors or preservatives and consists only of natural ingredients. Thirty Drink is the healthy alternative to your average sports drink that not only tastes great but is low in calories.

If you have vested interest in a health focused organization or are aware of a business interested in selling Thirty Drink, please contact us. We are excited to bring Thirty Drink to a store shelf near you.