BioLift Donates to First Responders in New York

NEW YORK– Timing is everything for start-up BioLift. The company demonstrates the power of launching a brand during a pandemic by making a big splash in the Big Apple with donations of its clinically proven, sharp-focus, high-performance line of beverages to thousands of first responders.

Just as the Coronavirus pandemic hit the US, InnoBev, Ltd., an Israeli FoodTech company, was set to soft-launch BioLift™, its “biohacking” dietary supplement beverages in retail stores, bodegas, and office buildings in Manhattan. More than just an “energy drink”, BioLift is a scientifically-based formulation that synchronizes our body’s clock and Circadian rhythm to overcome the afternoon slump known as ‘Post Lunch Dip’ (PLD). Ready to help New Yorkers stay alert, company CEO and founder Eli Faraggi had to make a quick decision in mid-March for his New York launch plans.

“When you’re in start-up mode, you put all the pieces together in anticipation to fill orders. But when COVID-19 hit at the same time, we realized first-responders would be exhausted, out of focus, and foggy by the afternoon from spending hours on their feet helping others,” says Faraggi,. “Instead of pushing our product to retailers, we pivoted our attention to hospital workers because they were in immediate need of the benefits of BioLift.”

The company was the first beverage maker in the US to partner with the “Founders Give” program, a nonprofit that mobilizes mission-driven brands to feed, clothe, and support communities when a crisis strikes. In collaboration with Founders Give, BioLift donated thousands of bottles of product to more than a dozen hospitals in metropolitan New York and other states, including Louisiana, California, and Texas. Faraggi plans to extend their support to more first-responders in N.Y. and across the country as the US continues to battle the crisis.

“Knowing your innovation is helping frontline warriors in their time of need gives you the added motivation and power to build a brand during a pandemic,” adds Faraggi. “We were able to see first-hand the positive effects BioLift had on first-responders as they were able to do their jobs more efficiently and perhaps even save more lives.”

Post Lunch Blahs

InnoBev uses the science of chronobiology and has conducted clinical trials through the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa. Chronobiology, as defined by researchers at the University of California, San Diego, “follows the biological rhythms or the biology of time associated with our internal biological clocks.” BioLift’s functional properties help beat the biological rhythms most commonly felt as a slump between 1:00-4:00PM, when the body typically wants to sleep.

“Most Americans will reach for a sugary treat, energy drink, or an afternoon cup of coffee to help get them through the afternoon while at work,” explains Faraggi. “BioLift was shown through consumer trials to increase productivity, reduce brain fog, and maintain clarity for higher performance. But unlike its caffeinated competitors, BioLift does not increase pulse or blood pressure. It is safe for diabetics and does not build tolerance over time. It’s the perfect midday pick-me-up — and it also works well in the morning and in the evening. BioLift lifts you when you need it the most.”

With more than 10 years of scientific studies, and three clinical trials, BioLift’s patented formulation includes three main ingredients: Ginkgo biloba, elderberry, and guarana, in precise calibration working synergistically. The botanical ingredients in BioLift synch with the body’s clock to revive the system and bypass the PLD.

Another contributor to PLD is the rise and then drop of sugar levels around noon. To address this, BioLift includes a low-glycemic, plant-based carob and apple sweetener that helps keep blood sugar balanced. With this combination, BioLift’s proprietary WakeUp® formula works to achieve long-lasting peak alertness and concentration throughout the day.

BeyondBrands, a natural products industry powerhouse and full-service, executive-level consulting accelerator, identified BioLift’s potential for success. “Americans are not programmed to take afternoon breaks as done in other countries — we habitually reach for a stimulant to help keep us awake, alert, aware, and focused,” says Eric Schnell, CEO, and co-founder of BeyondBrands. “We’re impressed with BioLift’s clean ingredient panel and botanical properties and look forward to helping them make a big splash in retail stores nationwide.”

Thirst-Quenching Varieties

BioLift™ is available in three refreshing varieties: Mandarin Orange, Melon Lime, and Mixed Berry. All three beverage flavors contain fewer than 10mg of caffeine and are low-glycemic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and low in calories.

About BioLift™

BioLift™ is a patented botanical beverage formulated to sync with a body’s clock and rhythm to overcome the afternoon slump known as Post Lunch Dip (PLD). Founded by Eli Faraggi, an Israel-based, award-winning entrepreneur, Eli realized PLD cost the United States billions of dollars due to low work productivity, specifically in the afternoon. After this discovery, Eli and his team spent nearly a decade to create a great-tasting herbal drink that sustained focus and enhanced alertness. Made with all-natural, high-quality plant extracts, such as guarana, ginkgo biloba, and elderberry, BioLift’s properties allow the body to override fatigue, enhance focus, and performance. Through scientific research and clinical trials, BioLift is proven to be more effective than caffeine – without the jitters, improves work productivity, and maintains brain function. For more information, visit or visit us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, @DrinkBioLift.

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