CLEAN Cause Zero Calorie Line Launches in Whole Foods Nationwide

AUSTIN, Texas– CLEAN Cause beverages announced the launch of a new Zero Calorie lineup of sparkling, organic, Yerba Mate drinks. Three new, not too sweet flavors Cherry Lime, Orange Ginger and Berry Mint, all contain zero calories, zero sugar and zero carbs. The new products from CLEAN Cause will roll out nationwide as of April 1, 2020.

Just like the current offerings from CLEAN Cause – Blackberry, Peach, Raspberry and Lemon Lime – the new Zero Calorie line of Yerba Mate beverages have naturally occurring caffeine and are certified organic and non-GMO. CLEAN Cause beverages contain 160mg of Better Caffeine™ in each can to provide a smooth sailing pick-me-up.

“With the rise of sugar-free diets and consumers more conscious when it comes to the products they purchase, we wanted to make sure there was a better caffeine option for all of our customers,” founder & CEO of CLEAN Cause Wes Hurt said, “CLEAN Zero Calorie beverages have no added sugars and come in three new, refreshing flavors. We are excited to continue to launch new and innovative products to our CLEAN Cause customer family while also helping to be part of a solution for drug and alcohol addiction recovery.”

CLEAN Cause was founded in 2015 by Wes Hurt with the mission to create awareness for and help fill the transition gap in the rehabilitation cycle for alcohol and drug addiction. CLEAN’s giveback program gives 50 percent of its profits to support recovery via “CLEAN Kickstarts” sober living scholarships. CLEAN Cause “gives where you swig” and allocates scholarships in the regions where the beverages are purchased. To date, CLEAN Cause has given back over $600,000 to their CLEAN Kickstarts program, awarding more than 1,200 sober living scholarships. In 2020, CLEAN Cause has a goal of giving back another $500k to support recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. CLEAN Cause is currently available online, at Whole Foods Market and select retailers nationwide. For more information visit

About CLEAN Cause

Founded in 2015, CLEAN Cause is an Austin-based beverage company with a giveback program that gives 50 percent of its profits to support recovery from alcohol and drug addiction via “CLEAN Kickstarts” sober living scholarships. CLEAN Cause beverages are a sparkling, organic, Yerba Mate with 160mg of Better Caffeine™ for longer lasting, sustained energy. Visit online at