PLAY MODE Expands Distribution With UNFI

SACRAMENTO, Calif.– PLAY MODE BEVERAGE COMPANY, announces new distribution through UNFI, United Natural Foods Inc’ on the forefront of identifying and growing emerging brands. This strategic partnership with the leading n yi ational distributor of natural products will enable PLAY MODE to expand its reach to retailers and consumers throughout the United States and Canada.

PLAY MODE is the first and only product of its kind. A health & wellness super transport drink and a super hydration beverage that includes all natural ingredients. Similar to Pocari Sweat out of the Asian market, PLAY MODE is focussed on the immediate replenishment and safety of the human body.  Uniquely, PLAY MODE’S functionality delivers immediate benefits not only to the health conscious consumer, but also to the medicinal and recreational consumer, for fast and safe relief of severe dehydration. PLAY MODE launched in 2015, and took a strong foothold in the very competitive casino resort landscape of Las Vegas,    NV.  The appeal of a all natural super transport drink that also delivers super hydration benefits, was too much to pass up in today’s high demand for good for om you beverages that also deliver staying power and functionality.

Our growth has been due to our distribution in CA. and AZ, and our distribution with Southern Glaziers Wine & Spirits, in Las Vegas NV.  This new partnership with UNFI will generate explosive growth for PLAY MODE, connecting us with more retailers and consumers that will generate a large footprint across the United States and Canada.

About PLAY MODE Beverages

Category: Health & Wellness Drink

20 oz. RTD functional beverage. ( Non alcoholic )

* Shelf stable. 2.5 year shelf life.

* 14 day refrigeration life once opened.

What is PLAY MODE ?

A all natural health & wellness drink on its own that delivers quickly, effectively, & safely to support the immune system and replenish lost body fluid.  A vital hydration booster, known as a form of first aid – deployed in the fight against everything from the flu, a weak immune system, to diarrhea, vomiting, and hangovers.

A super transport drink that balances potassium levels inside the body during severe diuretic activities, alcohol consumption, medicinal consumption, and recreational consumption.

Compared to Pocari Sweat drink out of the Asian market for severe dehydration, PLAY MODE is formulated with real fruit juice and being recognized as a form of first aid and an emergency tonic.

PLAY MODE’S all natural beverages are available in 2 delicious flavors, Berry Blitzer, ( grape infused with cranberry) , and Black Cherry. PLAY MODE’S formula is packed with proprietary levels of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, real fruit juice, no caffeine, and only 5 grams of total sugar. We call PLAY MODE a super transport drink due to its premium combination of super antioxidants, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, magnesium, sea salt, and more; that perform cellular transport balance. The science behind the brand. These premium ingredients create a composition that allow all beverage lovers the ability to Hydrate While You Celebrate®?.

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