SprintToSuccess S1E1: Meet Superfrau

We’re excited to present episode one of SprintToSuccess, a video series focused on demystifying the branding process for entrepreneurs with an entrepreneur! Along this journey, we’ll be mapping out our sprint model, developed over five years with over 100 emerging brands. We wanted to shed light on our branding toolkit to do what we can to offset the COVID tailspin and its effects on the entrepreneurial food and beverage community. Sharing is caring, as our mothers once said.

In this first episode, we hit the ground running—you’ll meet our selected entrepreneur, Melissa Martinelli, who rose to the top from a pool of 106 applicants. You’ll learn about her brand, Superfrau, as she maps out what our ground zero looks like, and her journey to get to where she is today. Melissa helps spell out some of the challenges her brand is facing, from being an obscure product in the first place, to the hurdles posed by complicated, preconceived notions that consumers have about whey and dairy products.

You’ll also meet the Interact team—the brains and brawn behind our account, strategy and design processes—who will be giving Melissa a running start on her SprintToSuccess!

Stay tuned for more bad dad-jokes and episode takeaways.

SprintToSucess is a video series developed in collaboration with branding agency Interact Boulder. This show is an exclusive learning opportunity for subscribers of BevNET and NOSH. The first two episodes will be available for free. Subscribe now to watch the full series and gain access to industry leading resources, news, data and more.