SprintToSuccess S1E2: Strategy Process

Aaaand we’re back! This week we’re sharing episode two of SprintToSuccess, a video series focused on demystifying the branding process for entrepreneurs in the food and beverage space.

In our last episode, we introduced you to Melissa Martinelli, co-founder of Superfrau and our entrepreneurial partner who we’re taking through our sprint model from brand strategy to read-for-word packaging. She has a unique hydration beverage made from upcycled whey, which otherwise food waste from cheese and yogurt production. But how do we make sense of hydration and cows for consumers?

In this episode, we’ll be giving a glimpse into our sprint strategy process and show you how we applied it to Melissa’s brand and tackle some of her challenges. We cover surveying her competitive category, identifying a target, crafting positioning, and honing brand personality and tone.

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