White Cloud Water Now Available for Global Licensing and Distribution

PONTIAC, Mich.– White Cloud Water and Consumer Products Marketing Group (CPMG) announced a partnership to offer the license for pure Michigan artesian water.

White Cloud Water owns the rights to almost 1 billion gallons of pure artesian water located in Michigan aquifers and now, for the first time, is offering these rights to an optimal licensing partner so that this water can provide benefits to a much greater number of consumers in Michigan, the United States, and around the world.

“Our family has owned the rights to this water for decades,” said Clyde Kemp, CEO of White Cloud Water, “and we have seen meaningful benefits provided to consumers of this water. Now, we are pleased to seek a licensing partner so that this water can provide benefits to a wider group of consumers.” Dan Asma, Managing Partner of CPMG, notes “it is with distinct pleasure that we have been selected to work with Clyde and his team to seek a licensing partner for the water rights that they have and to ensure that this unique artesian water is treated with the same respect that White Cloud Water has for this precious resource.”

Over the years many consumers have benefitted from the water supplied by White Cloud Water. By now providing licensing rights for this unique, pure, Michigan artesian resource a much broader group of citizens will be able to receive the benefits of this water. And, with water purity such an important issue for all citizens, it is noteworthy that the White Cloud Water is a natural artesian water with the highest purity. White Cloud and CPMG look forward to licensing this water resource to a firm or entity that will ensure that these standards are maintained, and the resource of this water is respected.