Winter Fancy Food Show 2020 Video: Tiesta Tea Adds Athlete Investors

Though it has long been recognized for its health benefits, tea isn’t typically associated with sports and athletic performance. Yet Chicago-based Tiesta Tea is hoping to slowly open up that conversation, with the help of the brand’s newest investors and ambassadors: Julie Ertz, member of the back-to-back World Cup champion U.S. Women’s National Soccer team, and Zach Ertz, a Super Bowl LII winner with the Philadelphia Eagles.

In this video recorded at the Winter Fancy Food Show 2020 in San Francisco, BevNET managing editor Martin Caballero speaks with Tiesta CEO Dan Klein about what Julie and Zach’s involvement means for the brand and how they are helping to shape the conversation around tea. He also spoke about the company’s new 40 oz. glass multiserve bottle format, how Tiesta balances its ready-to-drink and loose-leaf tea products and the growth of Chicago’s beverage community.