BIOLYTE Expands into QuikTrip Stores Across the Country

BIOLYTE – Touted as the world’s first “IV in a bottle” – announced its retail expansion into QuikTrip stores across Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina & Texas. Created & founded by Atlanta anesthesiologist Dr. Trey Rollins, one bottle of BIOLYTE provides the same amount of electrolytes as IV rehydration therapy (seven times more than other leading sports drinks and with only one-third of the sugar) plus natural ingredients that boost energy, ease stomach illness and reduce muscle cramps.

“We are excited to share the news of our expansion into QuikTrip retailers across the U.S.,” said Jason Miller, Vice President of Sales for BIOLYTE. “Our number one priority at BIOLYTE is to help people feel better. Hundreds of people frequent their local QuikTrip daily, whether it be for a quick fill up, a much-needed snack break or a road trip pitstop, and through this new partnership, we are excited for the opportunity to introduce BIOLYTE’s unmatched level of hydration & taste to these local communities and travelers.”

BIOLYTE is ideal for anyone who feels run-down, needs a vitamin boost, an energy pick-me-up, needs to hydrate after a workout or just a moment of recharging after one too many – it’s also great to have on hand for traveling, staying hydrated during hot summer months & outdoor activities, and helping to fight cold & flu symptoms. BIOLYTE comes in citrus, berry & tropical flavors and is available now across local stores & markets in select cities and via Amazon, in addition to its new QuikTrip retail locations.


BIOLYTE is the first liquid supplement that offers the same benefits of IV rehydration therapy but in drinkable form. Its natural boost of energy without the sugar spike is the perfect answer for anyone who feels run-down, needs a vitamin boost, or just a moment of recharging after one too many. It’s great for traveling, staying hydrated during outdoor activities or workouts, and helping to fight cold, flu & allergy symptoms.

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