ÈSSE Water Rebrands to Reflect Its Passion for Elevating Ordinary Beverages

Award-winning water producer, ÈSSE, announces its rebrand, which catapults the brand from a real-fruit flavored water product to a lifestyle brand. The new brand celebrates the opportunity to live a cleaner lifestyle by choosing products that only feature real ingredients.

Adam Leja, ÈSSE Co-Founder explains, “ÈSSE was founded on the idea that common drink choices, like lemon water, can taste better without needing to add unnatural ingredients. We create premium, elevated taste experiences by using the plant oils instead of natural flavors. The taste and function of our product was there; we simply needed to evolve our brand platform to reflect the real, pure ingredients we’re committed to using.”

The rebrand includes a clean, modern logo, purpose-driven messaging and visuals that add clarity to what is (and what isn’t) inside each bottle of ÈSSE water.

Currently, the ÈSSE water lineup includes three flavors of flat water: Blood Orange, Grapefruit and Lemon. Using a proprietary process, the company creates a bolder, fresher flavor using pure plant oils derived from the fruit peel and juice. Keeping the ingredient list simple and clean, all ÈSSE waters are:

  • Unsweetened
  • Non-Carbonated
  • 100% Plant Based
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Low calorie / Low sugar / No added sugar

“ÈSSE water creates a full-bodied sensory experience, which we believe ties well with the growing number of consumers who are actively seeking ways to create and live their best life,” Leja commented. “Our new tagline, ‘The Essence of Life’ is a multi-faceted promise: We will create beverage choices containing only real fruit ingredients, which reflects the essence of nature; and we will make it easier for you to elevate your lifestyle, both in refreshment and in making better drink choices.”

About ÈSSE

ÈSSE is a lifestyle brand featuring a growing line of bottled water flavored with real fruit oil and juice. The beverage producer has earned 2020 ÈSSE was awarded “The Best New Water Concept” by the Zenith Global Water Awards and was a finalist for “Best Low/No Sugar Beverage” by Beverage Digest 2020. Learn more: www.DrinkESSE.com

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