TÖST Beverages Announces Launch of New TÖST Rosé

Manchester Center, VT — TÖST Beverages announced this week their newest addition to their beverage collection, TÖST Rosé.  Responding to market demand for more meaningful alcohol-free beverage options, the company has brought to market a second product, similar to TÖST in sophistication and style.

TÖST Rosé is an all-natural, delicious, dry, sparkling alcohol-free beverage with white tea, Ginger and Elderberry. Similar to TÖST, it is low in sugar, contains no artificial ingredients and has only 40 calories per 8 ounce serving, about a third of a traditional glass of Rosé wine.

TÖST Rosé has a dry delicate palate.  Its sophisticated flavor has hints of crisp citrus and a fruity nose, with a dry light finish and a subtle effervescence.  Each ingredient – from the subtle notes of flavors extracted from elderberry and ginger, to the triple filtered carbonated water and natural cane sugar – is included with intentionality.

“We brought together a team of beverage and culinary experts to create beverages that by design impart some of the characteristics often found only in alcoholic beverages,” reports CEO Brooks Addington.  “People are making choices with their health and well-being in mind, and still wanting a five-star experience.  TÖST gives everyone the opportunity to engage in celebration any time, including when they are choosing to be alcohol-free. TÖST Rosé broadens that reach as it pairs well with most everything.”

TÖST Rosé is being released in 750 mL bottles sold directly to consumers this week with nationwide shipping, via TÖST’s online shop.  It will also be available at select grocers throughout the United States.

About TÖST Beverages

TÖST Beverages produces and sells non-alcoholic beverages created so everyone can celebrate their moments positively and inclusively.

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