Beverage Startup Hey Aloe Launches First Acemannan Drink Nationwide

Dallas, Texas — Alive@5 Nutrition is proud to announce the launch of the Hey Aloe brand and its innovative, shelf-stable, functional and organic plant-based functional beverage line, Hey Aloe Active — the first Acemannan beverage available nationwide — providing balance to the immune system response.

Hey Aloe Active fills void in the market of functional drinks that have a cheap bottom-end with very little benefit, through premium drinks that contain a lot of sugar to mask the bitterness of ingredients. Hey Aloe Active is an easy and delicious way to drink and benefit from the highest quality ingredients, including Amla. It is available in three flavors with increasing levels of proprietary A5-Imun, the essence of pure Acemannan: Lemon Lime (60mg), Mandarin Orange (100mg), Blended Berry (120mg).

Ali​ve@5’s Acemannan is produced from the Barbadensis Miller aloe species, and is presented with other bioavailable ingredients such as vitamin c and electrolytes. Acemannan helps balance the immune system’s natural cellular response to pathogens and subsequent recovery through it’s synergistic, anti-inflammatory properties and probiotic characteristics.

“Today’s consumers are searching for immunity and better health in this time of viruses and disease,” said Bobby Giles, President of Alive@5 Nutrition. “People are overloading their immune system to protect themselves not realizing it can have the opposite affect by raising inflammation in the body and making the person more vulnerable. Hey Aloe Active delivers an amazing regulator in A5-Imun which has been proven to bring balance to the immune system response.”

All Hey Active drinks are certified organic and contain no added sugar, only 50 calories, a host of electrolytes and a minimum daily support level of A5-Imun 60mg). Each 16 oz. bottle retails for $2.99-$3.49 and is currently found in a variety of independent retailers in the New York City metro and Orange County, Calif. The brand is supported by paid social, sampling, and influencer campaigns, as well as in-store displays and a full promotional plan.

“We couldn’t be more proud of the work we’ve done in researching and developing this incredible beverage,” said Bobby Giles. “With a combination of branding, design, popular flavors and on-trend health benefits, we are poised for tremendous growth.”

Alive@5 Nutrition is a privately held and financed company based in Dallas, TX which provides wholesale direct distribution services. Through a worldwide network, Alive@5 is dedicated to providing the same A5-Imun nutriment found in their drinks to malnourished children and adults via their “Nourish You and Another Too” program. A@5 is currently seeking future retailers, convenience and channel partnerships.