Wanu Water Releases 2020 Numbers Showing Double-Digit Growth

Austin, Texas — Wanu water, the first-to-market, best-selling nutrient-infused water packed with 24% of your daily fiber, providing natural energy to boost your metabolism and quench your appetite, recently released their 2020 numbers to shareholders and investors announcing a 46.41% revenue comparing increase from 2019. With a shift in strategy to both digital marketing and e-commerce, wanu’s focus on direct-to-consumer elevated online sales 80.6% year over year. With January 2021 already seeing a 416.4% revenue increase compared to January 2020, the company’s conservative growth outlook in 2022 and 2023 is projecting at an 86.3% and 158.5% increase.

With COVID-19, the importance of health and wellness became a worldwide trend. According to a recent study by Ogilvy titled The Wellness Gap, 76% of those surveyed agreed that COVID-19 has impacted the importance they place on wellness and that brand trust played a huge factor in purchasing decisions. The brand’s 2020 success directly proves that consumers focusing on more convenient and effective ways to increase overall health and wellness.

Retailers also saw the positive impact of the product and consumer demand, which has increased wanu’s overall distribution. In 2020, wanu has expanded at retail stores nationwide including Costco as well as Price Cutter, Tops Friendly Markets and Jewel-Osco in the greater Chicago area. The brand is also making strides in the hospitality and wellness industries having active discussions with major hotel groups, themed entertainment parks and nationwide fitness centers.

The brand’s growth at retail continues to be a direct alignment with wanu’s core mission: water and nutrition to promote health and wellness through functional ingredients. With the beverage industry, seeing a fifty percent decrease in sales in 2020, many brands in the space are looking to more innovative brands as they see the continued shift in consumer needs and purchasing patterns.

“Although 2020 has been a challenging year for many, wanu water saw tremendous growth and consumer response,” said Todd O’Gara, Founder, President and Chairman. “With COVID-19, overall health and wellness became extremely top-of-mind and of utmost concern worldwide. With so many unknowns, our customers were seeking immunity and looking for easy and convenient ways to build one’s immune system.”

“We shifted our approach in how we reached customers with revamping our e-commerce platform and marketing our subscription model,” said Jacqueline O’Gara, Director of Brand Marketing. “Customers want immediate and convenience. This meant getting product to customers quickly and effectively. Customers were able to easily shop Amazon Prime and, for the repeat customer, directly on the website with a subscribe and save option.”

wanu is changing the way consumers think about fiber and nutrition and the means in which they consume these nutrients. Consumers are now more in-tune with what they are putting into their bodies. Each bottle of wanu water is packed with 10 essential nutrients including 7 grams of fiber – 24% of your daily fiber intake. Seventy percent of the cells that make up one’s immune system are found in the gut wall, therefore ensuring an increased daily fiber intake with wanu water has a direct correlation in supporting gut health and immunity.

wanu water’s current portfolio includes five flavors: Blueberry Lemonade, Dark Cherry, Kiwi Cucumber, Watermelon Raspberry and Passion Peach.

About wanu water

wanu water, an Austin, Texas-based nutrient-infused water brand, is packed with 10 essential nutrients that provide natural energy and boost your metabolism, including 24% of your daily fiber to quench your appetite while you hydrate. With clean hydration, wanu is better than plain water and makes drinking your daily dose of water easy. Each serving is packed with 7 grams of prebiotic fiber B vitamins and antioxidants, with zero sugar or artificial sweeteners. wanu delivers the nutrients the body needs to make the most of your day. For more information visit wanuwater.com or @wanulife.

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