May 14 - 15
New York, NY
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BevNET Live: Show Prospecting Investors a Strong Hand with Brad Barnhorn

barnhornBevNET Live attendees will gain valuable insight on the key dimensions of their businesses that potential investors will be digging into as they make their investment decision through a special talk with Brad Barnhorn, a highly-regarded food and beverage company board member, entrepreneur, and investor.  Barnhorn, an advisor to investment bank Silverwood Partners as well as several independent private equity and venture capital funds, recently added to his plate heading up a $3 million early-stage investment fund that will be composed of capital raised from investors on the CircleUp crowdfunding platform to in turn invest into companies raising capital on CircleUp.

Having been an integral part of growth and exit stage investments for multiple beverage companies, Barnhorn is uniquely qualified to speak to the process of prospecting for investments and conducting due diligence in early-stage consumer companies. He will speak to ways investors conduct that process and, equally importantly, the ways entrepreneurs and even the leaders of established companies can think about structuring and operating their businesses to increase their odds of receiving funding as they grow. By supplying insight into both the weaknesses investors scan for in businesses and the ways companies show their strengths, Barnhorn will help beverage entrepreneurs understand how to derive maximum benefit from their capital raising efforts and build for the future.

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About Brad Barnhorn

Barnhorn leverages  twenty-five years of high-level and in the trench company-building experience as entrepreneur, CEO, strategy consultant, board member, and investor cutting across all critical strategic and operational dimensions of successful company building in the food and beverage space combined with a deep passion for CEOs, teams, companies and investors.  He was an early pioneer in the healthy beverage space as Founder and CEO of the Fantasia Fresh Juice Company culminating in its sale to North Castle Partners in late 2000, where it subsequently merged with Naked Juice. Barnhorn currently serves as a Board Member to a range of leading growth companies in the food and beverage space including KeVita, Zola, Krave Jerky, Rhythm SuperFoods and Health Warrior, and as an advisor to consumer private equity funds Encore Consumer Capital and Winona Capital, as well as investment bank Silverwood Partners. He received his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.