BevNET Live Summer 2014

May 14 - 15
New York, NY
This is a past event. Replay all presentations and view upcoming events.


BevNET Live Day Two: Be the Brand

As they explained their products and their histories and their strategies, a theme prevailed amongst the brand ambassadors. There’s no blueprint way to run a brand, but the finest entrepreneurs, no matter their style, tend to embody their brand and own it like a second skin.

Explore Convenience, Emerge from Incubation Channels with Quick Chek, Honest Tea, Essentia, and Purely Righteous Brands

Just a few last highlights about the BevNET Live program as we enter the weekend.

BevNET Live: Show Prospecting Investors a Strong Hand with Brad Barnhorn

BevNET Live attendees will gain valuable insight on the key dimensions of their businesses that potential investors will be digging into as they make their investment decision through a special talk with Brad Barnhorn, a highly-regarded food and beverage company board member, entrepreneur, and investor.

FBU May 13: Special Finance Section Added to “Beverages 101”

Attendees of the Beverages 101 session on May 13 at the Metropolitan Pavilion will hear from three investors who are focused on entrepreneurs and their plans for growth.

BevNET Live Strategy Sessions: TumericALIVE, Chameleon Cold Brew CEOs, Cocktails with NIDA Distributors

In a set of presentations that will illuminate the challenges facing entrepreneurial beverage companies as they try to build new categories, BevNET Live will feature emerging CEOs Daniel Sullivan of TumericALIVE and Chris Campbell of Chameleon Cold Brew for in-depth strategy discussions.

BevNET Live: Exploring the Mind of the Kroger Category Manager

Attendees of BevNET Live in Manhattan will have an opportunity to understand the macro-environment affecting the decision-making of one of the buyers for leading supermarket chain Kroger with Mathis Martines, Kroger’s senior category manager for innovation and snacks.

BevNET Live: Meet With Over 30 Industry-Leading Exhibitors

Featuring best-in-class sponsors, suppliers, and vendors, the BevNET Live Expo is a tremendous opportunity for attendees to gain insight and access to cutting edge and high-quality innovations.

BevNET Live: Inside and Outside Family Office Investment; Event is JUST ONE WEEK AWAY! Register NOW.

We're pleased to announce a presentation and panel discussion on a variety of strategies for approaching, receiving investment from, and maintaining relationships with family offices.

New Beverage Showdown: Meet the Judges

With specialists in retailing, distribution, marketing, finance, and media on board, this group is ready to keep contestants on their collective toes.

BevNET Live: Special “Beverages 101” Session in New York

BevNET FBU (Food and Beverage University) will host a special Beverages 101 session for entrepreneurs who are getting started in the business on Tuesday, May 13 at the Metropolitan Pavilion.

Agenda for BevNET Live Summer 2014 is Now Available

BevNET Live's Preliminary Agenda has been posted, and if you look, you'll see we've tucked in a few nice little surprises for you.

BevNET Live: Honest’s Goldman and Nalebuff on Partnership

Goldman and Nalebuff will provide a special highlight during BevNET Live in Manhattan, speaking on the best practices for building and maintaining a partnership as entrepreneurs. The pair have been an open case study in partnership, exploring that idea, along with company leadership, structure, culture and tone in their business dealings and now in print.

BevNET Live: Defying Financial Detours

Detours and ramifications don't have to mean the end to the enterprise; however, they do mean that options must be evaluated. hat's why BevNET is featuring a set of case studies involving the Bricktown Group and General Capital Partners as part of BevNET Live in Manhattan.

Enjoy a Data Double-Dip at BevNET Live in Manhattan with SPINS, Kantar WorldPanel

Kathryn Peters of SPINS will provide attendees insights regarding the overall trends and opportunities within key beverage categories, including relevant attributes, ingredients and natural product positioning, while Kerry Corke of the Kantar WorldPanel will discuss consumer insights derived from 30 years of ongoing consumer panels.

BevNET Live Summer ’14 Comes to NYC on May 14-15. Space is Filling up FAST.

BevNET Live Summer ’14 is less than one month away! Hundreds of attendees — including investors, distributors and suppliers — are already signed up. If you haven’t already, NOW is the time to register.

New Speakers Announced: Presence Marketing Founder Bill Weiland, Buzz-Builder and Zico Investor Jesse Itzler

BevNET is delighted to announce that Jesse Itzler and Bill Weiland, two highly informative and entertaining speakers, will join BevNET Live in Manhattan to offer varying perspectives on brand building, marketing, distribution and investment.

BevNET Live: Mamma Chia’s Janie Hoffman on “The Entrepreneur as Brand”

BevNET is delighted to present a talk with Janie Hoffman, the founder and CEO of Mamma Chia, on what happens when a brand and its founder are inextricably linked in the consciousness of the public and of the industry. When you're an entrepreneur without a huge marketing budget, and you're aiming to shake up the market, it happens: the founder's story becomes the key window into the product and its larger meaning. In effect, the founder becomes the brand.

Showcase Your Brand at the Sampling Bar at BevNET Live Summer ’14

NOW is your opportunity to include your brand as part of the “Sampling Bar” at our upcoming BevNET Live Summer ’14 event. The Sampling Bar is a free promotional opportunity that enables you to have samples of your product in an unmanned area designed to showcase new, innovative or successful beverage brands to the over 500 beverage industry professionals, including investors, distributors and retailers, expected to attend BevNET Live.

Zevia CEO Paddy Spence to present at BevNET Live

Mr. Spence, the CEO of Zevia, will be speaking on the ways that the brand has managed to stay lean while growing to more than $60 million in retail sales last year, as well as the pattern recognition moment that took place as the company's message pivoted to focus on a growing marketplace retreat from artificial sweeteners and creating an "easy switch" for existing diet soda consumers.

Early Registration for BevNET Live Summer 14 Extended Through Friday, April 4

Early registration for BevNET Live Summer 14, our flagship semiannual event for the beverage industry, expires today! Don't delay. Register now and take advantage of early registration pricing.