Dec 7 - 8, 2015
Santa Monica, CA
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Stumptown Coffee Roasters’ Joth Ricci to Speak at BevNET Live Winter 2015


Stumptown President Joth Ricci

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is a business in transition that will create a fascinating case study for the BevNET Live audience.

Just acquired in full by on-premise player Peet’s Coffee, Stumptown’s president, Joth Ricci, will give a look into the work a company with a high-quality reputation must undertake to maintain its brand image as it transforms, as well as insights into the rapidly-expanding RTD coffee category.

Ricci, a veteran of the distribution and investment business as well as the former CEO of both Talking Rain and Jones Soda, will present attendees with some of the keys that have helped Stumptown center its focus on wholesaling beans and a high-growth cold brew business that is expected to be its next key revenue driver.

As Stumptown becomes part of the Peet’s family, Ricci will speak to the balance that Stumptown will observe as it tries to move its brand from a scattered but highly-regarded on-premise business into a national player in the third-wave coffee movement.

The talk will get at the soul of a high-end brand and its ability to fulfill its revenue potential with professional management and growth capital.

About Joth Ricci

Joth Ricci is the president of Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Prior to joining the company, he was a managing partner with First Beverage Group where he focused on strategic advisory to the beverage industry, evaluation of investment opportunities and overall business development. Ricci was formerly the president & CEO of Jones Soda Company and general manager of Columbia Distributing Company, a multi-category beverage distributor in the Pacific Northwest. He’s also held various sales and marketing management positions with McNeil Consumer Healthcare/Johnson & Johnson. Ricci is an advisory board member for Ninkasi Brewing Company and DRY Soda. He received a bachelor’s degree in business education from Oregon State University and is on the school’s Board of Trustees.

About BevNET Live

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