BevNET Live Winter 2016

Dec 5 - 6, 2016
Santa Monica, CA
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Bonus Speakers for BevNET Live: Bristol Farms CEO, More

image_970Here’s an extra course of conference hype for you to enjoy with your Thanksgiving meal: we’ve added a couple of surprise speakers to the final agenda for BevNET Live.

First, Bristol Farms Chairman & CEO Kevin Davis will join the full session on Monday, sitting down for an interview about this high-end specialty grocery chain. Davis, who has been in the supermarket business for 46 years, will discuss the climate for emerging beverage brands within the traditional retailing environment – and the changes that upheavals across all sales channels are causing that affect brand development. Davis will also speak about the ways that growing brands can draw insights across a chain-wide sample set to power transitions into larger store opportunities, and provide tips to help brands maximize their work with specialty retailers.

Second, John Haugen of 301 INC., General Mills’ emerging brand incubator, will join an afternoon breakout session geared toward answering questions about the ways that strategic venture investors are partnering with emerging beverage companies. Haugen will join Matt Mitchell of VEB – Coca-Cola Co.’s Venturing & Emerging Brands Unit – and advisors Jim Tonkin of Healthy Brand Builders and Mike Burgmaier of Whipstitch Capital, both of whom frequently interact with potential strategic acquirers on behalf of brands.

Combine those two special orders with the event’s previously announced courses, including Beverage School, the New Beverage Showdown, a raft of high-quality speakers at BevNET Live, the presentation of BevNET’s Best of 2016, and numerous chances to mingle and network with industry associates and BevNET Live is shaping up to be a full meal, indeed.

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