Humboldt County’s First Gin Is In: Dutch & Dewey Distillery’s Horse Mountain Gin

Humboldt County’s First Gin Is In:  Dutch & Dewey Distillery’s Horse Mountain GinDutch & Dewey Distillery, a small-batch, sustainably run producer, distiller, and bottler, announces the launch of its Horse Mountain Gin, a premium, handcrafted 96 proof dry gin that balances the classic juniper character of London Dry with the bright, citrus notes of New Western style.  At the distillery, located near the Horse Mountain Botanical Area, seven local gin lovers and the distiller, Jeff St John, selected the mix of ten botanicals that were then hand-zested or hand-cracked before being vapor phase infused with Dutch & Dewey Distillery’s Farm Horse Vodka in the still and botanical basket designed and manufactured by the distiller.  This process gently extracts the essential oils and compounds from the botanicals and produces carefully balanced, smooth, and complex tastes and aromas.

When you sip Horse Mountain Gin in a tumbler over an ice cube, you will taste firsthand the Spirit of the Farm©,”, says distiller Jeff St John.  To fully appreciate this gin’s complex flavor and special properties he suggests tasting it at least once this way and watch it slowly become cloudy as the essential oils precipitate tiny droplets.  Taste a sip every couple of minutes and observe how the aroma and flavor develop as the ice melts – first the juniper and citrus, and as time goes by, the coriander, clove, anise, and finally the cardamom gently become present.  Horse Mountain Gin can also be served neat or in a cocktail.

Horse Mountain Gin, each label is hand-numbered with the batch and bottle, is available in Humboldt and Del Norte County markets and retails for approximately $31.50 (750 ml).  Dutch & Dewey Distillery also produces Farm Horse Vodka, Limoncello di Pacifica, and Old Town Eureka Coffee Liqueur.  For more information about their distilled spirits or the distillery, visit or email

About Dutch & Dewey Distillery Founded in 2013 in the hills of northeastern Humboldt County, California, Dutch & Dewey Distillery is a small-batch producer, distiller, and bottler of Farm Horse Vodka, Limoncello di Pacifica, Old Town Eureka Coffee Liqueur, and Horse Mountain Gin.  Independently owned and sustainably operated by Jeff and Marisa St John and using one of a kind fractionating column stills designed and built by Jeff, the distiller. For more information, visit