Briggs Hard Seltzer Launches Rebranded Product Line

BOSTON — Briggs Hard Seltzer, the company behind last summer’s hit hard seltzer made with 100% real fruit, Briggs Original Boston Cranberry, has rebranded and launched three new products this June. After a successful summer in 2017, the company has moved forward with the launch of two new products, Briggs Hard Seltzer Pineapple and Briggs Hard Seltzer Grapefruit, as well as a rebranding of Briggs Original Boston Cranberry, now Briggs Hard Seltzer Cranberry.

Briggs Hard Seltzer has a crisp and juicy flavor with a vibrant natural color that can be attributed to the use of real, unfiltered fruit- Briggs is the only hard seltzer on the market made with 100% real fruit. Its seltzers are 5% alc/vol, between 105 and 108 calories depending on flavor, low carb, naturally gluten free, and free of all artificial ingredients as well as natural flavors. Briggs has differentiated itself from its competitors by offering the consumer a premium hard seltzer that is made with the highest quality ingredients, forgoing the use of natural flavors and added sugar.

The company was founded in 2016 by Neil Quigley and Michael Kurson, two Massachusetts natives, and launched its first product in 2017 using locally sourced cranberries.

Briggs Hard Seltzer will be available throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island with an MSRP of $9.99 per six-pack. To find where Briggs Hard Seltzer can be purchased, you can visit their website at:

For more information, follow Briggs Hard Seltzer on Instagram at @briggshardseltzer.