Hiatus Tequila Partners with Major Brands Premium Beverage Distributors to Expand Distribution

NEW YORK— Hiatus Tequila is pleased to announce that it has partnered with St. Louis-based Major Brands Premium Beverage Distributors, a leading beverage distributing company. The partnership allows Hiatus to enter its first Midwest market via distribution with Major Brands throughout Missouri. The Midwest expansion announcement comes on the heels of the tequila’s successful, global, debut across New York and Florida earlier in 2019. Most recently, the brand garnered a momentous 95 rating for its Añejo expression from Wine EnthusiastMagazine (May 2019 issue) and won several medals, including a  Gold Medal, from 2019 The San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Hiatus is now available for purchase at a variety of on and off premise accounts with a suggested retail price of $43.99 for the Blanco, $48.99 for Reposado and $59.99 for Añejo per 750ml size, 40% alc./vol.,across Missouri. MHW, Ltd., a leading spirits importing company since 1934, serves as Hiatus Tequila’s importer in the United States.

Several high-profile spirit industry veterans, all close friends of Kristopher DeSoto, Hiatus Tequila’s founder, currently sit on the brand’sBoard of Advisors, including; Wes Henderson, the Co-Founder of Angel’s Envy, Tim Brown, former Nestlé Waters CEO, the Huse family, owners of the historic Indianapolis based steakhouse St. Elmo and Danny McDonald, one of New York City’s best-known restaurateurs.

DeSoto has experienced life beyond borders. Between his personal interests and previous career in international helicopter sales, hehas been fortunate to have traveled the world, visiting more than 50 countries. Raised in Texas, DeSoto was introduced to tequila early on and has traveled throughout Mexico and spent over 7 years living there. In that time, he noticed that the most sought-after tequilas south of the border were often different from those found on U.S. shelves, the flavors and aromas more robust and expressive. He decided that such a tequila—true tequila—should be available in the United States.

“All of us at Hiatus are overjoyed with this partnership, Major Brands is one of the most well-respected wine & spirits distributors in the country. We’re confident in their availably to bring Hiatus to patrons across Missouri, support it in the market, and we look forward to working alongside their team,” said Kristopher DeSoto, founder, of Hiatus Tequila.

The idea for Hiatus was conceived more than three years ago and is produced in collaboration with a third-generation award-winning tequila family at La Cofradía, located just outside of the town of Tequila. A collection of ultra-premium tequilas, Hiatus stays true to how real tequila should taste; naturally clean yet complex, ideal for sipping neat, on the rocks or shining in a cocktail. According to the dictionary, Hiatus is defined as; an interruption in time or continuity: a pause, or break; especially a period when something (such as a typical activity) is interrupted…Hiatus Tequila inspires us to take a break, seek balance and pursue what matters most.

“Hiatus is a unique tequila with a distinct agave profile. We know Missourians will embrace it and are pleased to have Hiatus join our outstanding spirits portfolio of industry leading brands,” said Sue McCollum, CEO and chairman.

Hiatus is made from 100 percent blue Weber agave, which is allowed to fully mature for up to 8 years in order to ripen. At La Cofradía, which attracted DeSoto’s attention primarily due to their focus on traditional and sustainable practices, the roasted agave is crushed with several custom-made screw press extractors, which act like a giant corkscrew, squeezing the meat and fibers of the agave and releasing its sweet nectar. Pressing rather than pulverizing the agave allows sweeter, rounder flavors to come through in the tequila; thus, a natural tequila was born.

Flawlessly clear in the glass, Hiatus Blanco is bursting with aromas of roasted agave, fresh-cut grass, and tropical fruit. On the palate, it’s clean and complex with a luxurious mouthfeel, ideal for sipping neat or in a craft cocktail. Hiatus Reposado is rested 6 months in ex-whiskey barrels, giving it a pale straw hue. Caramelized agave, roasted red pepper, and cinnamon notes give way to hazelnut and vanilla. Silky with a touch of sweetness, enjoy it on its own or in a premium cocktail. Aged for a full year in ex- American oak whiskey barrels, Hiatus Añejo pours a lush honey color. It opens with tantalizing aromas of dried herbs and candied fruit followed by hints of baking spices, cocoa, and toasted oak. Sip it before, during or after dinner chilled neat, on the rocks or as a base spirit in an exceptional cocktail. All Hiatus Tequilas are certified gluten-free and Kosher.

Keeping in line with the brand’s ethos of maintaining absolute transparency, the bottle’s unique, minimalist design is a reflection of the brand’s vision to deliver a true, honest, no-frills tequila. The spaced-out Hiatus lettering is a symbol to remind us all to make space in our busy schedules to take a break and seek out a pure and more elevated way of life. The lower positioning of the label, per each expression, suggests the different times throughout the day you may wish to enjoy your Hiatus.Strengthening the brand’s ties to Mexico, Matt Mawson, a world-renowned photo-journalist, who has spent decades living in and working across Mexico, a close friend of DeSoto’s, captured the first images adorning the bottles, all of which pay tribute to the human involvement from La Cofradía.