Langlade Springs Introduces Earth-Friendly Bottled Water

Bottled water that reduces environmental impact is now available in the Upper Midwest. Langlade Springs, LLC, is introducing a private label program of natural mineral spring water packaged in biodegradable and recyclable bottles.

This new program is bottled in ENSO Bottles™, a biodegradable PET plastic bottle. The bottles are produced with Ecopure™, a specially formulated additive that allows the only “truly” biodegradable PET bottle in landfill and compost environments and that can be mixed into the standard PET recycling system. An important characteristic of ENSO bottles is the ability to maintain the same physical properties and strengths (shelf life, texture, appearance, oxygen transfer rate, etc.) as traditional PET bottles. Many other products on the market, including those made with starch-based PLA materials and oxo-degradable plastics have a severely reduced shelf life.

Langlade Springs natural mineral spring water is produced from an aquifer located in Wisconsin’s north woods that was created by Ice Age glaciers. This water naturally contains healthy levels of fluoride and has a low mineral content. Because the water is sourced locally and bottled on site, energy consumed in transportation is reduced.

“We are now able to offer the healthiest and highest quality natural mineral spring water in a quality bottle that is biodegradable and recyclable,” said Terry Casey, National Sales Manager of Langlade Springs LLC. “This is a win-win for our private label customers and for the environment.”

Langlade Springs LLC was founded in 2006 by a group of private business owners from northeastern Wisconsin. The company was formed to provide high quality natural mineral spring water to customers in the Upper Midwest through private label and branded programs. To learn more about Langlade Springs private label bio-bottle program in the ENSO biodegradable bottle, visit or call 715-623-9170.

About ENSO Bottles

ENSO Bottles, LLC, of Phoenix, Arizona is an environmental company dedicated to creating “Bottles for a Healthier Earth”. ENSO Bottles are designed to biodegrade in anaerobic (no oxygen, no light) or aerobic (compostable) environments. ENSO bottles with EcoPure™ have been third party tested and validated for biodegradability and recyclability using ASTM standards. For more information on ENSO Bottles, visit or call 866-936-3676.