Exal Creates Innovative Aluminum Bottle for New Beverage


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio, Oct. 6 /PRNewswire/ — Vuka LLC of Denver has recently launched a new line of sparkling, juice-based energy drinks in colorful, 16-ounce re-sealable, extruded aluminum bottles created by Exal Corporation of Youngstown, Ohio. Vuka, which means, “wake up” in Zulu, is a series of four all-natural drinks enhanced with vitamins and nutrients. Named ‘Awaken,’ ‘Work Out,’ ‘Think’ and ‘Renew,’ each drink is specifically geared toward different occasions throughout the day.

“This is a distinctive, extraordinary product and Vuka wanted packaging that was equally so,” remarks Mike Clark, Sales Director for Beverage Containers at Exal. He says that the large, re-sealable aluminum bottle provides a great canvas for Vuka’s vivid, eye-catching graphics. “It really stands out on store shelves.”

For this new beverage line, Vuka chose Exal’s re-sealable, aluminum bottle with a 38 continuous thread finish (CT) because of its strength, dimensional consistency, lighter weight and its ability to handle the rigors of the pasteurization process. “Our company chose Exal because they had the capability to manufacture our unique bottle design and finish in the most practical and efficient way. Our products contain natural ingredients and no preservatives, therefore, pasteurization was necessary to ensure product quality and increase shelf life. Exal’s aluminum bottle easily withstands the tunnel pasteurization process and prevents bottle breakage that can occur with other package types in a tunnel pasteurizer,” states Darian Bregman, CEO of Vuka.

Exal Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of extruded aluminum packaging. The company also offers innovative coil-based metal packaging container options in North America and Europe and is the leading independent contract manufacturer of aerosol products and liquids in Latin America. The company’s manufacturing facilities are located in Youngstown, OH, Argentina, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Poland and Mexico. More information is available on the company’s website: www.Exal.com