Amcor’s New Hot-Fill Bottle Technology Delivers Significant Lightweighting Benefits


MANCHESTER, Mich., December 9, 2009 – Amcor PET Packaging, the world’s leading producer of PET packaging, has unveiled a new patented hot-fill bottle technology that significantly reduces weight and cost while offering better performance than competitive hot-fill alternatives.

Amcor’s active hinge technology is used for the first time in a 16-oz PET container for Purity Organic Inc., San Francisco, Calif., a supplier of organic fruit juices and functional drinks. The technology was commercialized last year in 8-oz and 10-oz hot-fill containers.

Purity Organic’s 16-oz PET bottles use 20% less material and cost 20% less than its previous PET containers, according to Paul Geffner, founder of the California organic beverage company. “We can have our cake and eat it too,” said Geffner, referring to not only the bottle’s strong performance but its significant cost benefit. “This translates into a major advantage in terms of our bottom line.” Purity Organic touts the lightweighting benefit with a sticker on the cap that reads “20% less plastic.” Moreover, the company was able to meet its sustainability commitment by choosing a lighter weight and recyclable bottle.

The new technology opens up new opportunities for companies who continually strive to take cost and material out of their bottle, allowing them to meet their sustainability goals, says Scott Dreesbach, western regional sales manager for Amcor. “The ability to reduce both weight and cost, while not sacrificing performance is a major development for beverage companies,” he added.

Active hinge technology incorporates a unique design that elevates hot-fill (185° F) bottle options to a new level. Amcor’s innovative technique makes use of horizontal hinges which exhibit vertical movement and absorb the vacuum as the liquid cools. The result is an attractive appearance and feel that approaches that of a straight wall container, according to Amcor engineer Pankaj Kumar. The active hinges provide high radial stiffness and give the 31-g container excellent top load strength – almost 30% better than competitive hot-fill bottles. In addition, the bottles are more durable, dent resistant, and exhibit strong stacking capability.

The active hinge bottle also significantly enhances aesthetics, according to Geffner. “The label fits more securely and the bottle has a better feel in the hand; overall we have a more integrated product,” explains Geffner.

The company was also able to offer consumers easier drinking and less spillage by reducing the bottle’s finish from 43 mm to 38 mm.

Purity Organic’s fruit juices and functional drinks are sold nationally at supermarkets, convenience stores, and natural food stores such as Safeway, Raley’s, and Whole Foods.

Amcor is also working with other beverage suppliers to adapt the active hinge technology for 12-oz and 20-oz containers.

About Purity Organic

Purity Organic, based in San Francisco, Calif., is a brand of fruit juice and functional drinks created by Pacific Organic Produce, the largest and most diverse organic tree fruit marketers in the U.S. For over 15 years, the company has worked to make its organically grown fruit, organic juices, and organic functional fruit water accessible to the national market. The company returns 10% of its profits to the organic community.

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