Triumbari Corp. announces new 3 Liter Grip bottle to existing Multi-serve line

Brampton, Ontario Canada – Seeing an increased demand for larger-sized bottles, Triumbari Corp added the 3 Liter PET Grip bottle to further enhance its existing stock Multi-serve offering.

Triumbari, a leading PET bottle manufacturer in the Water and Carbonated Soft Drink markets, introduced the 3 Liter after realizing a demand for a multi-serve bottle that was easy to use and had shelf appeal. The grip area which is molded into the body of bottle provides a secure hold will pouring out the contents of the bottle and is designed for ease of use. The soft squared shape magnifies the label panel area while maximizing shelf space and is made of 100% recyclable PET.

This addition adds to the existing stock PET Multi-serve line, which includes a 4 Liter, 5 Liter and 1 Gallon providing a beautiful alternative to the common HDPE gallon bottle. The structural design and integrity of these bottles do not require the use of heavy cardboard boxes and can be packed at a fraction of the cost when compared to HDPE gallon bottles. By eliminating up to 80 % of the corrugate currently utilized when packing HDPE gallons, the Triumbari PET Multi-serve bottles provide immediate cost savings and are a much more environmentally friendly package.

About Triumbari Corp:

Triumbari Corp was established as a private, family-owned business located near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We are a midsize company specializing in manufacturing PET containers exclusively, ranging in size from 250ml to (8 oz) to 5 Liter. We offer a variety of stock and custom designs to fit all our customer needs.

Our mission statement is our commitment to our clients to manufacture a product to their specifications, at a reasonable cost, in a timely manner, with the quality and consistency that they can count on. Canadian HQ 905-595-5550 / US Sales Office 513 480 4210