Symrise ‘Simply Vanilla’ signature and value offerings

Teterboro, New Jersey, March 25, 2009-Symrise continues its ongoing commitment to provide the widest range of vanilla offerings through its extensive portfolio of ‘Simply Vanilla’ products, including superior signature vanilla extracts, organic vanilla extracts and value vanilla types such as natural vanilla flavorings, natural and artificial flavors and vanillin alternatives.

“Our superior vanilla extracts are ideal for customized products where the highest levels of quality and performance are required. However, we also offer value vanilla products and an abundance of vanillin alternatives that provide competitive, priced-for-profit options,” said Carol McBride, Vanilla Category Director, Symrise’s Sweet Business Unit.

‘Simply Vanilla’ – Part of Symrise’s ‘Taste for Life’ Platform

Ms McBride explained that Symrise traces its excellence in vanilla to 1874, when Wilhelm Haarmann discovered the synthesis of vanillin. Over many decades, the company has expanded the vanilla commitment and most recently acquired the Aromatics S.A.S. company, which provided a unique position for Symrise to have complete backwards integration into the vanilla growing region. By a continued focus on vanilla, Symrise has been assembling a unique expertise and mastery of vanilla tastes and its many applications. “Our vanilla initiatives have been the springboard of many new product introductions. As part of our ‘Taste for Life’ platform which is focused on ‘making the tastes people love, healthier’, our vanilla offerings are part of our ‘Be Natural’ flavors, a vast range of authentic natural tastes which provide clean labels in a multitude of foods and beverages,” she said.

Exceptional quality begins with exceptional raw materials

Symrise relies on vanilla beans from Madagascar, the foremost source of true Bourbon-vanilla tastes. Working directly with Madagascan farmers, careful supervision is ensured through every part of the vanilla cycle from blooming to harvest through fermentation and drying, culminating in the extraction process. “Our presence in Madagascar assures the best quality Bourbon Vanilla,” commented Ms McBride. In fact, Symrise’s high quality vanilla extracts from Madagascar are certified by ECOCERT, an independent certification organization whose internationally recognized seal guarantees that products are both natural and organic and have been processed using traditional methods. Ms McBride reported that Symrise now offers two organic vanilla extracts for manufacturers who are bringing authentic organic offerings to market. Symrise’s organic vanilla extracts come in a variety of concentrations and are ideal for typical vanilla products such as ice cream and desserts.

Distinctive customer advantages

At every point along the way, Symrise is in a unique position to achieve targeted and specific results. The ability to design unique profiles for all kinds of applications stems from Symrise’s superior processing and proprietary cold extraction, percolation and concentration techniques. Curing and extraction processes can be customized for products with unique vanilla signatures achieved through proprietary vanilla extract blocks. Symrise’s predictive analytical strengths enhance the process. In addition to exceptional vanilla extraction technology, Symrise customers have the added advantage of a secure, guaranteed supply chain.

Ongoing search for new vanilla concepts

Resources dedicated to ‘Simply Vanilla’ span from the growth of vanilla beans at Madagascan farms and the subsequent extraction expertise to the significant contribution of a global network of vanilla specialists. World class applications laboratories are focused on vanilla’s versatile use in dairy products, including yogurt and ice cream, confectionery, other sweet applications and beverages. Symrise flavorists have created customized vanilla signatures found in many top-selling client brands but the search for new vanilla concepts is an ongoing quest that is supported by Symrise’s Marketing and Sensory Group. For example, after careful discernment of market research that is focused on trends in vanilla tastes, Symrise conducts extensive evaluation of prototypes from protocepts created from their market research findings. These prototypes can be introduced to customers well before their new product development stage.

“It’s all part of our commitment of ‘always inspiring more’ , and our Marketing and Sensory Group is doing just that, early on, with new taste ideas to create a market advantage,” stated Emmanuel Laroche, Vice President of Symrise’s Marketing and Sensory Consumer Science Department.

Symrise vanilla alternatives, a cost efficient option

Ms McBride discussed how Symrise’s vanillin alternative offerings are viable options for some applications. She explained that Symrise’s vanillin alternative offerings are available in artificial but also natural labeling, and are cost efficient, effective selections for many types of products. “Our staff of technical professionals includes flavorists and application specialists who have long experience in working with vanilla. They understand the subtle nuances of authentic vanilla tastes, and are highly experienced maintaining color without distortions in certain applications,” she added.

Vanilla: the universally popular flavor

Ms McBride spoke of the universal appeal of vanilla, and the idea that it is a timeless taste experience. “Vanilla is an indispensable component in most cake, cookie, pastry and dessert items. It is also an essential ingredient in many dairy products as well as in dairy drinks, ice cream, bakery, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Its taste and aroma are known to stir powerful, positive emotions, associated with early childhood sensory memories.”

Assisting customers with label information

Ms McBride added that Symrise customers can count on knowledgeable input when it comes to product labeling. Symrise has the expertise, the world over, to accommodate customers with needed label information that may vary from country to country. “In this regard, customers can also turn to Symrise when they require formulations that meet halal, kosher or organic guidelines,” she said.

“Although people have been enjoying vanilla tastes for centuries, Symrise continues to uncover vital information, including our explorations into divanilin, the smallest vanilla molecule. Our work goes on as we maintain industry leadership in vanilla offerings,” concluded Ms McBride.