DayGlo Has Launched New Color Palettes

Cleveland, OH (December 8, 2010) – DayGlo Color Corp., a global leader in the color industry, unveiled new color palettes for use in applications with direct food contact.

The demand for unique, high–impact package design continues to grow. For food and beverage applications, the new GloPrill® fluorescent and Gem-Tone™ conventional colors allow brands to introduce new products or refresh packaging formats with new colors that are safe for food and beverage contact.

“DayGlo’s GloPrill and Gem-Tone color technologies help companies address current trends in food and beverage packaging, including shelf appeal, food safety, and lifestyle convenience,” said Kevin Sonby,Vice President of Marketing at DayGlo. “With these vibrant and subtle colors, we are enabling brand owners to achieve the product demand and differentiation they need to succeed.”

The new colors can be used in packaging without a functional barrier – meeting FDA standards that prevent harmful components from migrating to the food product. This opens a new range of color options for applications where previously they were prohibited, including high-interest areas like convenience packaging for ‘grab-and-go’ foods, which are seeing a marked rise in popularity.

GloPrill FDA-Compliant Fluorescents

DayGlo’s new GloPrill colors are the first and only fluorescent pigments that are FDA compliant for direct food contact. A full palette of five bright colors, they can be used separately for bold and eye-catching graphics, or combined with any conventional color to create unique shades that are cleaner and deeper. Key features include:

  • FDA-compliant for use in High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP) food and beverage packaging.
  • Suitable for any room temperature or below packaging application – from ice-cream wrappers to children’s candy.

Gem-Tone FDA-Approved Conventional Colors

DayGlo’s Gem-Tone transparent conventional colorants allow brands to bring packages to life with color, and refresh products without the need for large investment. Key features include:

  • FDA-approved for use in clarified Polypropylene (PP) food and beverage packing.
  • Approved for conditions of use B-H and J (heat pasteurization and microwave applications).
  • Currently available in four rich colors such as Sapphire Blue and Ruby Red, with additional shades in development.
  • A full range of colors can be achieved by blending the standard shades.

“Whatever their color requirements, designers can use DayGlo’s expanded color lines to create new products, packaging and materials that are specifically optimized for direct contact with food and beverages,” said Wayne Likavec, Product Development & Quality Control Manager. “With our new range of specialty color effects, DayGlo helps brands safely achieve greater impact for food and beverage, while still meeting all necessary quality standards.”

DayGlo recently announced its new positioning, “Color. Only Better.”, aimed to communicate the company’s expertise in improving, enhancing, and making color better. In addition, the company launched a new website featuring the Design Center, a new interactive tool for the industry, where visitors can see firsthand how to make color better using DayGlo products on a 3D object.

“DayGlo’s unique specialty color effects, like the GloPrill and Gem-Tone lines, enable designers to build stronger brand identities and greater awareness by incorporating these effects directly into their products and packaging,” Sonby continued.

About DayGlo

Cleveland-based DayGlo Color Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of RPM, Inc., is a global leader in the color industry offering a diverse product line and customized color solutions for packaging and consumer goods, plastics, graphic arts, paints and coatings, dyes and textiles, as well as ingredients for the personal care and cosmetics industries. As the originator, and world’s largest manufacturer, ofdaylight fluorescent color, DayGlo also develops conventional color dispersions and specialty effects pigments. DayGlo’s diverse range of products can be used alone or combined with conventional colors help achieve cleaner, brighter, more sophisticated colors. With DayGlo it’s “Color. Only Better.”