redleaf Water to Use Biodegradable Packaging

CHILLIWACK, CANADA – December 6, 2010 – redleaf Water, Canada’s Ultra-Premium bottled water, will introduce guilt-free, “BIO BOTTLES” in January, 2011, representing the industry’s first biodegradable and recyclable water bottle.  redleaf Water is available throughout Canada and in select stores in the Western United States.

Statistics show that recycling simply isn’t working.  An overwhelming 74% of recyclable water bottles end up clogging landfills, polluting the oceans or are discarded into the environment.  The redleaf “BIO BOTTLES,” will biodegrade naturally in normal environmental conditions. 

“To put this situation in perspective, a 12×12 room is being filled from floor to ceiling every 74 seconds with empty water bottles,” said redleaf COO Dave Hillis.  “As Canadians, we have a strong bond with nature and made a commitment when we started the company to aggressively seek alternatives to reduce our impact on the environment, while still providing customers with superior drinking water.”

As part of the “BIO BOTTLE” program, redleaf will debut a new one liter bottle, along with its existing 500Ml bottles.  The company expects the “BIO BOTTLES” to begin appearing on store shelves as early as January, 2011.   Third party research shows that redleafs’ “BIO BOTTLES” will set industry standard for eco-friendly bottle manufactures.  


“Our greatest challenge is one of education,” said Hillis.  “We have to ensure consumers understand the dramatic difference between biodegradable and recyclable.  Adding to the confusion are the so called plant bottles.  The redleaf bottles will disappear in natural conditions, recyclable bottles alone will not.  For anyone concerned about the environment, this represents a dramatic step forward.”

To prove the difference, redleaf will launch the “Disappearing Project” in January, and will “plant” its “BIO BOTTLES” with a select number of competitors’ bottles in “BioGardens” in Canada, Arizona and Georgia.  The project is designed to highlight how the “BIO BOTTLES” disappear in various environmental conditions. 

redleaf starts as great water from an artesian aquifer in Chilliwack, British Columbia, and is made even better through a proprietary purification and bottling process. The water’s high oxygen content and high pH of 8.3 have been known to have several health benefits for the drinker, including increased alertness, hydration and stamina – all of which are crucial to athletes and sports fans alike.

About redleaf water

redleaf is North America's only ultra-premium bottled water. It starts with great water from a naturally renewable source in the Canadian Rockies, and is made better through a state-of-the-art purification and bottling process, that is the industry’s most advanced and the best way to improve on the Earth’s own natural process for making great tasting, healthy water. It is available in locations throughout the Mountain West region of the United States, including more than 100 Albertsons LLC stores.