Baobab, the New GRAS-Approved “Super Fruit,” Featured at IFT Las Vegas Expo, June 26-28 – Booth 1375

IRVINE, Calif., Jun 25, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Tiger Botanicals, in partnership with the Baobab Fruit Company Senegal, will exhibit a wide range of exciting products derived from Baobab, the new “Super Fruit.” Baobab Fruit Pulp Powder is now used worldwide as a food additive, nutritional supplement and in the cosmetic industry. In addition, Tiger Botanicals is now offering a water soluble version of Baobab for use as an ingredient in the beverage industry.

The high quality Baobab Fruit powder offered by Tiger Botanicals is mechanically processed, using absolutely no heat during the process. Such unique production methods, ensures that the products retain their impressively rich, naturally occurring minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids content. Baobab Powder also contains an amazingly high ORAC count, along with significant levels of calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. Additionally, it is an incredible source of soluble dietary (prebiotic) fiber.

“Consumers are still largely uninformed about the natural benefits of this great new Super Fruit, but we continue to be out front in offering the highest quality, NOP Organic and Kosher certified Baobab ingredients to the North American market,” says Hugh Lamond, President of Tiger Botanicals.

Baobab Fruit pulp powder has been GRAS and Novel Foods approved and can be used safely as a natural functional ingredient in the food industry, in a variety of products including juices, yoghurts, energy drinks, smoothies, ice creams, fruit powders, chewable tablets, cereal bars, etc. In the nutraceutical industries, the pulp is used as a natural source of fiber, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and high level source of antioxidants derived from vitamins C and E. The seed oil, leaves and bark can be utilized in the beauty and cosmetics industry to manufacture creams, masks, shampoos, conditioners, lotions and exfoliates. Overall, the wide range of usage of Baobab products makes it a highly valuable and unique natural ingredient.

All of these amazing products will be displayed at the IFT Expo on Tiger Botanicals’ Booth number 1375 in Las Vegas from June 26 to 28, 2012.

About Tiger Botanicals and the Baobab Fruit Company Senegal

Tiger Botanicals, a newly formed division of Herbal Teas International, Inc., is your “direct from source” supplier of a wide range of raw ingredients and extracts for products such as Baobab, Rooibos Extracts, Hoodia Gordonii and other unique herbal products. Tiger Botanicals is the leading distributor of these beneficial herbal ingredients to companies across North America, from the food and beverage industries, to makers of health supplements and cosmetic products. Tiger Botanicals has established distribution networks based in the United States, with warehousing in Orange County, Los Angeles and New Jersey, allowing it to provide prompt and reliable shipments of even the largest orders.

The Baobab Fruit Company Senegal (BFCS), the single largest producer of Baobab ingredients in the world, was founded in 1999 by Mauro Ottaviani, an Italian food engineer who became fascinated with the fruit during a journey through West Africa. With the help of his son Pascal, he pioneered its transformation into a range of semi-processed materials for use in the cosmetics and food and beverage industries, with no part of the fruit going to waste.

Today, BFCS is the leading producer of Baobab products and processes over 1,000 tons of fruit, employing 300 people involved in sourcing and at the main production plant located in Senegal. The corporate office is located in Modena, Italy. The company works very closely with the Government and small communities in West Senegal to ensure the fair and ethical treatment of all producers in the area.

You can learn more about Tiger Botanicals and the Baobab Fruit Company Senegal by visiting and or calling toll free (855) 858-4437

Tiger Botanicals A Division of Herbal Teas International, Inc.