Christie Communications Named Agency of Record for Mr. Pink Collections

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., May 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Christie Communications (, a leading global, organic communications agency, announced that it has been retained by Mr. Pink Collections(TM) ( to assist in marketing their new ginseng drink as well as future ready-to-drink sparkling and flat teas. With its successful background in promoting and launching high quality, first to market, natural beverages in the U.S. market, Christie Communications is well suited to support Mr. Pink in expanding brand awareness and demand for its high quality ginseng beverage.

Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink is a premium, health and wellness beverage intended to provide active individuals with an extra energy boost. Each 12oz can contains 1000mg of the purest available ginseng. Ginseng offers an array of health benefits, including the ability to raise the body’s defenses against emotional and physical stressors, improve mental clarity and memory, stimulate and energize the body and mind, and aide the body in recovery. Mr. Pink contains natural herbs and extracts to provide consumers with the sustained energy and balance they desire along with the refreshing taste they crave.

“Mr. Pink Ginseng drink is an energy booster that invigorates both the body and mind with the natural powers of ginseng and empowering B-vitamins,” says Marty Brown, Chief Operating Officer of Mr. Pink Collections, LLC. “With Christie Communications’ 20-year record in serving clients in the beverage industry, I believe Mr. Pink is in very good hands,” explains Brown.

About Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink(TM)
Established with the intention of energizing the consumers’ body and mind, Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink is a special formula fortified with a potent 1,000 mg of ginseng and four powerful B-vitamins. Categorized as an adaptogen, an herbal product that restores and rejuvenates the body, ginseng aids in lowering cholesterol, increasing physical endurance, reducing fatigue, and mitigating the harmful effects of stress. For more information about Mr.
Pink Collections, LLC, visit

About Christie Communications
Christie Communications is a full-service branding, marketing, public relations and advertising agency dedicated to helping ethical businesses, entrepreneurs, and socially conscious organizations broaden their impact through effective communication services. Christie Communications is a company based in philosophy, driven by passion, and known by its results.

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