Pyure Brands Simplifies Stevia Formulation with Innovative PyureBlend SOA

Organic stevia/agave inulin blend solves commercial food & beverage challenges

August 10, 2012 – Naples, FL – Amidst rapidly increasing consumer demand for healthier sugar-free and calorie-reduced food and beverage products, manufacturers have flocked to stevia as their all-natural sweetener of choice.  It is no secret, however, that developing new formulations with stevia can present its fair share of difficulties.

From scalability issues – raw stevia extract can be upwards of 400-times sweeter than sugar – to lingering bitterness and licorice flavors, formulating with stevia can pose many challenges. Because of its relative newness, developers are largely learning on the fly with respect to how stevia extracts will behave within new formulations.

One company, however, has made significant strides in eliminating the guesswork.

Florida-based Pyure Brands, LLC has developed a proprietary stevia/agave inulin blend called PyureBlend SOA, and commercial manufacturers are raving about how it has simplified the product formulation process.  The blend, comprised of Pyure Organic 98%+ Reb A and organic agave inulin fiber, is a manageable 8-times sweeter than sugar by volume, and offers 4% of the recommended daily allowance of fiber per gram.

Because of Pyure Brands’ proprietary process, the stevia in PyureBlend SOA contains only the sweetest extracts from the leaf, ensuring exceptional taste without any lingering bitterness. Like all of Pyure Brands’ stevia extracts, the blend exclusively utilizes only one species of the stevia plant, delivering unparalleled consistency that commercial formulators appreciate.

One such commercial partner is Eric Schnell, Co-Founder of all-natural and organic tea brand Steaz. Schnell is currently overseeing a number of natural brand development projects in which PyureBlend SOA has proven to be a hassle-free, organic sweetener solution.

“I’ve had my hand in developing products with stevia since it first won FDA approval as a food additive in 2008,” said Schnell. “In that time, I’ve never come across an extract or blend that more closely mimics sugar or is easier to formulate with than PyureBlend SOA.”

Since 2008, Pyure Brands has been a leader and innovator in the stevia marketplace.  The company was the very first to introduce an organic stevia tabletop sweetener to store shelves.  Their latest innovation solves a longstanding industry quandary with an affordable, easily scalable package.

“Stevia represents not only the future of all-natural calorie-reduction, but also its present,” said Pyure Brands Founder and CEO, Benjamin Fleischer.  “We’re listening to our commercial partners every day, incorporating their feedback in developing the next generation of organic stevia solutions.”

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