Tetra Pak Unveils Groundwork, a New Site Celebrating Innovative Ideas Surrounding Food

New digital platform explores how we cultivate, consume and think about food

DENTON, Texas (Nov. 10, 2016) — All over the world, new ideas are changing mankind’s relationship with food. From the Svalbard Global Seed Vault to the “ugly food movement,” ideas big and small are making an impact. To uncover such stories, Tetra Pak® has launched a new digital platform, Groundwork. Inspired by Tetra Pak’s revolutionary food and beverage cartons and sustainability commitment, Groundwork celebrates stories about the people and innovative ideas bettering how we produce, consume and think about food, all while caring for the planet in the process.

“Tetra Pak’s promise is to protect what’s good, and Groundwork is part of that mission,” said Carla Fantoni, Vice President of Communications Tetra Pak U.S. & Canada. “By sharing small but extraordinary stories, we’re asking people to join us in considering how their ideas and habits around food—however small—matter to the big picture. When ideas change, actions change.”

Tetra Pak Unveils Groundwork, a New Site Celebrating Innovative Ideas Surrounding Food

Groundwork is born out of Tetra Pak’s own story of how innovative thinking around food can lead to big things. In the 1940s, founder Ruben Rausing invented a new way to package milk that was better for both consumers and the environment. That package, the iconic tetrahedron-shaped Tetra Classic®, is still regarded as one of the most important food innovations of the 20th century. Homages to the original Tetra Classic can be found throughout the Groundwork website.

Groundwork will publish fresh stories each month on topics such as innovative thinking around the problems of food scarcity and security, new ways of cultivating and distributing nutritious food in the urban landscape and more. All articles feature multimedia components, such as photo stories, interviews, video content and other devices designed to make ideas as accessible and shareable as possible.

In keeping with the communal, grassroots mandate of the site, readers are encouraged not just to share, but to submit story ideas and tips to the editors for review and coverage.

Learn more about Groundwork at www.groundworkpresents.com.



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