ADM Introduces Two New Sweetener Brands


admCHICAGO, March 15, 2017—Archer DanielsMidland Company (NYSE: ADM) is bringing two new sweetener brands, SweetRight stevia and VerySweet monk fruit, to market. These two new additions to the ADMportfolio, sourced through ADM’s partnership with GLG Life Tech Corporation, offer food and beverage product developers all the benefits of stevia and monkfruit, as well as access to ADM’s extensive ingredient portfolio, formulations expertise and blending capabilities. ADM’s global distribution network provides the added assurance that these ingredients are readily available.

“As consumers continue to look for great-tasting, healthier, lower-calorie products, we are pleased to meet formulator’s needs by offering a range of sweetener solutions that help them meet consumer demand,” said Rodney Schanefelt, director, Sugar and High PotencySweeteners, ADM. “This expansion of our high-potency sweetener portfolio will help meet the ever-growing demand for natural, lower calorie, ‘no added sugars’foods and beverages. We are committed to providing food and beverage formulators with ideas and solutions to address the taste, cost, calories and labeling preferences of today’s consumers.”

SweetRight and VerySweet join ADM’sVivaSweetTM sucralose, the first high-intensity, zero-calorie sweetener in ADM’sportfolio. VivaSweet is suitable for use in virtually any food or beverage application and offers a clean, sweet taste, as well as process and shelf stability.

“Now, with SweetRight stevia, VerySweetmonk fruit and VivaSweet sucralose available from one global source, formulators have access to even more sweetener options from ADM as they create products to meet the ever-evolving tastes and preferences of today’s consumers,” Schanefelt added.

SweetRight stevia, sourced from the stevia leaf, is clean-label friendly and provides a high quality of sweetness, making it ideal to help reduce sugar while still maintaining desirable taste and sweetness. SweetRight offers a range of stevia ingredients extracted from the stevia leaf using a proprietary process. SweetRight stevia is up to 250times as sweet as sugar and offers a clean-label, GRAS (Generally Recognized asSafe), non-GMO, and plant-based sweetener solution. It blends well with other sweeteners, is process and shelf-stable, and is available in three forms—RA, RAgranular, and EMS Enzymatically Modified Stevia—to meet a variety of needs.

VerySweet monk fruit has a delicious sweettaste without bitterness, making it an ideal choice for reducing sugar in awide range of food and beverage products. VerySweet is sourced from the luo hanfruit and is up to 200 times as sweet as sugar. This low calorie, GRASsweetener solution may be used alone, blended or as part of a completesweetening system.

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