The Happy Chemists LLC Launches Food and Beverages Development and Research Company

SAN DIEGO — The Happy Chemists LLC is excited to announce the launch of food and beverages product development and flavoring from its new facility in San Diego, California. The Happy Chemists provides a turn-key solution for our clients who are looking for developing a food and beverage products under their own brands. The Happy Chemist LLC take the clients concept or idea and turn it into a finished product (shelf-ready).

Driven by increasing consumer demand for a healthy alternative to a regular diet, the functional foods, and beverages, expected to reach the U.S. $102.6 billion by 2025 (Transparency Market Research-TMR). “Based on the research, functional foods, and functional beverages are leading the nutraceutical segment for growing demand which is anticipated to retain its leading position over the forthcoming years”, said Mike Khalil (Founder/CEO).

“The goal is to develop functional food and beverages that meet the client needs and requirements while bringing healthy and nutritious products to the marketplace. The developed products are formulated and blended by applying science-based approach and using the highest quality ingredients; organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, low sugar, and blended with the best tasting flavors in the market”, said Christine A. Klahn, President.

“Probiotics drink, fermented tea, meal replacement using plant-based protein, and sports nutrition continue to lead the chart of the top high in demand on that segment. Creativity and passion Using science based-approach combined with our creativity and passion is our key success for developing innovative and new products at The Happy Chemists”, said Guled Kalib- CXO

The Happy Chemists scientists and flavor technologists specialized in developing wide a range of products including flavored and vitamin water, flavored tea with super-fruits, probiotic drinks, juice drinks, and smoothies, sports drinks, protein powder and a protein shake, in addition, our team is specialized in developing Hemp/CBD based products including, CBD gummies. CBD hard candy, CBD bar and CBD flavored water and beverages, in addition to CBD skin care!

About The Happy Chemists LLC.

Three partners came from different background, education and experience, however, their passion for food chemistry and flavoring brought them together to bring years of experience to serve our clients.

The Happy Chemists LLC, provides a turn-key solution to its clients, by turning clients ideas and concepts into reality. The Happy Chemists will study the feasibility and economy of each idea and concept, then strategically plan all product development activities including formulation, scale up manufacturing, labeling and packaging. In addition, The Happy Chemists LLC will source and negotiate prices of all ingredients, flavors, labels, and package as well as contract manufacturing on behave of our clients.

Using a science-based approach, The Happy Chemists, formulate and develop new and innovative functional food and beverages while balancing client needs and requirements and consumer demand for health and nutrition alternative for unhealthy diets.

The Happy Chemists LLC develops and formulates a wide range of products including, probiotics drinks and powder, fermented tea drinks, juices, smoothies and energy and proteins bars as well as sports nutrition in powder and liquid forms. In addition, CBD/hemp-based products have gained popularity in recent months, thus, The Happy chemists LLC has taken the lead to develop CBD/hemp-based bars, gummies, flavored water and juices as well as skin care products.

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