JPG Resources Celebrates 10th Anniversary, Announces Relocation

BATTLE CREEK, Mich.– JPG Resources, a food and beverage consulting group, announced that it recently celebrated 10 years in business. The company was founded by Jeff Grogg, who after leaving a successful career as an R&D leader with Kellogg/Kashi, identified the need for a true end-to-end development approach to food innovation. Along with its 10-year milestone, JPG announced it has purchased the historic building at 62 East Michigan Avenue in Battle Creek, Michigan. The new location will give the company room to expand its team of over 40 food business professionals and broaden its capabilities, while contributing to the revitalization of downtown Battle Creek.

Jeff Grogg founded JPG Resources in January 2009 after dissatisfaction with the product development companies he had used as the Guru of Innovationat Kashi. According to Grogg, “We had good partners, but they operated with a limited business lens. My vision for JPG was to increase in-market product success rate with an integrated development approach where all business functions are connected.” This unique end-to-end model and team of food business operators have proven themselves consistently over the past decade, as JPG has successfully led the development and launch of hundreds of products for its clients, most of which are still in market.

Looking to the next 10 years, Grogg and team plan to expand their talent for building thriving food businesses with increased guidance in upfront strategy, business idea validation, and supply chain management. “We will build on our product development success rate while growing our ultimate value to our clients by delivering fully realized and viable new ventures and lines of business. Our team’s direct experience in operating many business functions for big CPG houses and startups (some our own) ensures that JPG can deliver from initial strategy through post launch support,” said Grogg.

The JPG team recently hosted members of the community, neighboring businesses and local food and beverage brands at its new location to celebrate its 10-year anniversary, building purchase and upcoming relocation. The company plans to transition its consulting offices and food labs to the new space beginning in April.

About JPG Resources, LLC

JPG Resources ( is a food and beverage consulting group based in Battle Creek, Michigan, where it has established a track record of building ideas into thriving food businesses. With a team of over 40 food business professionals, JPG provides food venture creation guidance through strategic innovation, product development, supply chain management, commercialization and ongoing support services for the youngest startups to the most trusted global CPG brands. Since 2009, JPG has created and refreshed hundreds of products with over 80 percent still in market.