Nutrition 21’s Chromax Now Featured in Reformulation of Sports Research’s Keto Plus

PURCHASE, N.Y.– Nutrition 21, LLC has announced that its clinically substantiated ingredient, Chromax, is now being featured in the reformulation of Keto Plus, by Sports Research. Keto Plus is a unique energy supplement that works to kick start ketosis by combing Exogenous Ketones (BHBs) with chromium and amino acids. This new formula is focused on enabling consumers to get through some of the most challenging moments of their Keto diet program.

Nutrition 21’s Chromax, which is covered by various patents in the U.S. and abroad, is a form of dietary chromium that is different from other forms of chromium available on the market because of its stable chemical structure and superior absorption. Chromax is clinically substantiated for both its efficacy and safety and provides numerous health benefits to the end consumer.

“We’ve found great success in prioritizing the quality of the ingredients used when developing a new product or exploring a reformulation for our customers,” said William Brescia, director of research & new product development at Sports Research. “We are constantly striving to deliver the best possible products and formulas that are both safe and clinically effective, and that’s why we partnered with Nutrition 21 in the development of our new KETO Plus formula. With a history of over 60 patents, applications, and efficacy studies, we feel that Chromax delivers on the fundamental needs that both our in-house team as well as our customers expect, whenever we launch a new product.”

“We are excited to share that Chromax will be featured in the reformulation of Sports Research’s KETO Plus product,” said Nutrition 21 vice president of sales, Todd Spear. Consumers looking to improve their weight management routine should look for KETO Plus, as well as the Chromax trademark or logo on the products they are using to help support their overall weight loss goals.”

Consumer benefits shown to be directly linked to Chromax supplementation include significant improvements in body composition, significant reductions in carbohydrate cravings and appetite and significant reductions in caloric intake. It has also been linked to helping maintain muscle mass during weight loss and supporting improved mood and cognitive function.

About Chromax 

Chromax chromium picolinate is different from other forms of chromium because of its stable chemical structure and superior absorption. The efficacy and safety of Chromax is supported by 35 human clinical studies and 35 non-rejected DSHEA claims. Furthermore, Chromax is affirmed as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) at clinically substantiated doses. Nutrition 21 supplies Chromax to leading manufacturers marketing effective products designed to promote and to help support consumer’s dietary and nutritional needs in glucose metabolism and insulin resistance, appetite control and weight management, heart and lipid health, energy support, and brain health. Chromax is Prop 65 compliant through an independent verification for arsenic, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, lead and mercury levels. Chromax is available for use within the United States, European Union, Canada, and numerous other markets. For more information, please visit:

About Nutrition 21, LLC

Nutrition 21, a wholly owned subsidiary of JDS Therapeutics, is a leader in the nutritional supplement industry. With many years of biotechnology and pharmaceutical experience, the Company’s scientific platform has created unique, patented products that are safe and clinically effective. Rigorous preclinical and clinical trials are a key part of its product development strategy to ensure product safety and consumer trust. Nutrition 21 currently holds over 80 domestic and international issued and pending patents for products. Many support unique claims associated with, among others, glucose metabolism, weight management, cognition, and sports nutrition. The Company is a developer and marketer of efficacious, high-value, clinically substantiated ingredients for dietary supplements, medical foods and beverages. Nutrition 21’s branded ingredients include: Chromax chromium picolinate; Velositol, a dietary complex of amylopectin and chromium, which has been clinically shown to double the effects of whey protein – significantly increasing muscle protein synthesis; Nitrosigine bonded arginine silicate, is clinically shown to significantly boost nitric oxide levels supporting mental acuity, focus and sports nutrition; and Lepidamax, a dietary complex of Lepidium peruvianum shown to enhance cellular energy production as well as improve exercise capacity.