Scholle IPN Announces New Corporate Brand

NORTHLAKE, Ill. – Scholle IPN, a global leader in flexible packaging solutions, has announced today a major rebranding to reflect the company’s focused efforts on sustainable packaging.

Ross Bushnell, President and CEO of Scholle IPN, said of the rebranding initiative, “This is a really exciting time for the Scholle IPN business and for our team around the world. The opportunities are endless for sustainable, leading-edge solutions crafted around film, fitments, and equipment offerings. We believe that our brand should more accurately reflect those tremendous opportunities and we are excited to launch the new brand campaign at this time.”

Bushnell continued, “The Scholle IPN name has long been synonymous with enabling the world’s leading brands to deliver their products by the most effective, sustainable means possible. As the packaging industry continues to undergo sweeping changes with respect to our role in a circular economy, it’s only appropriate that the Scholle IPN brand experience and product portfolio reflect that shift. As a result, our marketing team, both in the US and Europe, spent countless hours to ensure that our visual brand aligns with our operational philosophy and vision.”

In addition to the new-look brand, Scholle IPN has also adopted the Simply Flexible™ tagline to further reinforce its strategy and direction. For Bushnell, it’s more than a tagline, “Simply Flexible is who we are and how we go to market. It’s internal as we constantly look to streamline our processes and become more efficient and it’s external as we seek ways in which we can be easier to do business with along each step of our customer and supplier relationships. It means we constantly challenge ourselves to find a better, simpler way for our team to interact with key stakeholders.”

As part of the re-branding initiative, Scholle IPN has launched a new website, which highlights the Company’s capabilities and their value-added packaging solutions for the markets they serve.

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