The Flow: FRS targets large format stores; Fancy Food coming


  • FRS to target large format stores through Pepsi – The brand will also debut improved flavors and new packaging, said president and CEO Carl Sweat. Link
  • 2010 Summer Fancy Food Show: Beverage Exhibitor List – The 2010 Summer Fancy Food Show will be held June 27 – June 29 at the Javits Center in New York City; BevNET has compiled a list of exhibitors that will showcase beverage products. Link
  • Review: Hansen's Natural Cane Soda: The Grove – Branded as a "Limited Edition"product that is sweetened with pure cane sugar, Hansen's The Grove seems to be nothing more than a citrus flavored soda. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Link


  • Duane Reade will carry Neuro starting in July.


  • The American Beverage Association has thrown more than $1 million into a rushed campaign to end a new Washington state taxes on candy, soft drinks, bottled water and certain processed foods, the Seattle Times reported. Link
  • Despite the beverage industry’s success at defeating most initial attempts, the public is now more in favor of soda taxes than they were last year, according to Consumer Edge Research. Link
  • Baltimore's city council approved an amended version of the mayor's proposed beverage tax, which will now levy a two-cent per container tax on most single-serve beverages sold. Link


  • For five weekends starting in mid-July, Red Bull will host Red Bull 2on2 Revolution basketball tournaments at iconic playgrounds in major East Coast cities. Link
  • Red Bull's air race visited New York City's Liberty Park. Link
  • redleaf bottled water is joining forces with Albertsons to launch its “Ski on it This Year, Drink it Next Year” sweepstakes. The contest continues through September 21, and the grand prize winner will receive a five-day, four-night trip for two to Whistler, British Columbia. Link
  • Alacer Corp., the maker of Emergen-C, is enabling social media fans to get or give friends free, mail-delivered sample packets of the product, MarketingDaily reported. Link
  • The Coca-Cola Co., Inc.'s Fanta brand has launched a search for a new member of "The Fantanas," an entertainment/brand ambassador group reintroduced last summer. Link
  • The Coca-Cola Co., Inc. and Paramount Licensing joined forces on a family-targeted holiday merchandise program celebrating the upcoming 125th anniversary year for Coca-Cola, and the 65th anniversary year of "It's a Wonderful Life." Link


  • Apple juice may help behavior, but not cognition, in Alzheimer's patients, according to researchers at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. Link
  • Harvard researchers said raising the price of sugary soft drinks a by 35 percent in a hospital cafeteria cut CSD sales by 26 percent, suggesting that adding a tax to soda may prod consumers into choosing lower-calorie beverages. Link
  • Fifty percent of children say that food from a package decorated with cartoon celebrities tastes better than the same exact food from a plain package, according to a new study. Link


  • The Coca-Cola Co., Inc. and PepsiCo have their hands full integrating with their large bottling systems and don't currently list the acquisition of further bottlers as a top goal, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Link


  • Industry insiders say Wal-Mart's price promotions on CSDs could last for months. That puts the retailer in a fundamental conflict with big beverage companies, which worry that ultra-low prices could jeopardize nearly a decade of work to get consumers to accept higher prices, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported. Link
  • PepsiCo Inc. sent senior executive Eric Foss on a 100-day tour of its retailers to collaborate with the merchants who sell Pepsi products to boost sales and gain market share. Link
  • PepsiCo is using its sports marketing alliances to bolster its Pepsi Refresh Project campaign, reported Link


  • Solae has launched Alpha 5800, a new line of soy protein concentrates for applications in foods and beverages.
  • Printpack announced that ZUN used Printpack's shrink sleeve for its rocket-shaped bottle. Link
  • Yakult U.S.A. Inc. has selected the City of Fountain Valley, Cali. as the location of its first U.S. factory, with operations set to start in 2012. Link


  • CRUNK!!! Energy Drink announced that Lil Jon released his new album, CRUNK ROCK on June 8th. Activation is being conducted throughout radio, concert & event promotions, as well as cross promotional retail advertising, in-store display activity, and an interactive communications platform.
  • Forty of Ritz-Carlton's 73 hotels will switch to plant-based, biodegradable material for their water bottles – a move that's believed to be a first among hotel chains, reported USA Today. Link
  • Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann said he quit drinking Red Bull and 5-hour Energy before games and now sticks to strictly water. He said he noticed a difference in his vision within three days, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported. Link