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BOS /bos/ noun, adj & verb. -n. 1. deliciously refreshing ice tea made entirely in South Africa with enormous integrity and care. 2. a cool tea with a cool taste in a cool can. -adj. 1. possessing out the box originality, unleashed energy, robust health and an exuberant capacity for joy. 2. wildly inspired. 3. typically presented in Afro pop packaging. colloq. mad. outrageous. rooibos - verb intr. go bos. - verb tr. bossificate (as in to Bossify, to be converted to BOS, or to subscribe to the BOS way of life).

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Of the flavored teas that make up the Bos lineup, their apple flavor is both the most unique and enj...


Bos’ line of iced teas includes one flavor that is clearly not like the others: Energy. Starting ou...


Made with a straightforward blend of rooibos tea, spring water, sugar, and citric acid, Bos’ Ice Tea...

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