Review: Brew Dr.’s Cans A Great Prescription

Posted: May 03, 2018 at 5:15 PM (Last Updated: May 04, 2018 at 8:17 AM)

Covers Products: Clear Mind (Can), Mint Lemonade (Can), Ginger Turmeric (Can), Love (Can)

While the use of cans (in this case 12 oz. cans) isn’t a brand new thing for the kombucha category, there’s definitely a growing tide of brands making the leap into this package format. There’s a somewhat obvious comparison to craft beer, which experienced a bit of a boom thanks to cans. Several kombucha companies, including Brew Dr., are already calling for this to have a similar effect on the kombucha category.

As for what Brew Dr. has created, it is, to cut to the chase, the best executed effort that we’ve seen from any kombucha company. The packaging and the formulations are spot on.

But more importantly, this innovation, which seems simple on the surface, really changes the consumption experience. The difference between drinking from a wide mouth opening on a can and the smaller opening of the bottle is actually quite big. The flow of liquid is better, which makes for a more crushable product across all four of the flavors. This is especially noticeable when you try one of these flavors side by side with its glass counterpart. Furthermore, the aroma is much more pronounced, which is definitely a good thing for a kombucha product like Brew Dr.

From there, the products are about as close to perfection as any products that we’ve sampled this year.

This starts with the liquid. As mentioned earlier, these formulations are really well executed. While they aren’t new formulations (you’ll find the same flavors in their glass-based lineup), they are incredibly enjoyable.

For our palates, the Mint Lemonade (spearmint, peppermint, lemon, and green tea) and Clear Mind (rosemary, mint, sage, and green tea) are our top two -- and we think that these are a bit more mainstream. Love and Ginger Turmeric are close behind and probably play to the more experienced kombucha consumer a bit more. But all four are quite crushable.

On the outside, we really like the design that they’ve created. The look is consistent across all four flavors and features a Brew Dr. Kombucha logo placed above the flavor name and its particular flavors. Each flavor also features an accent color, which makes for easy identification. It feels extremely approachable and practical compared with the more serious look on the apothecary style amber glass bottle.

If there’s anything that we might change -- especially if it’s a broader base that they are after -- it would be to make the flavor names a bit more consistent. Specifically, there’s a big gap between a conceptual flavor like “Love” and the completely matter of fact “Mint Lemonade.”

In the end, we’re back right where we started: we feel as though this is a potentially game changing launch for Brew Dr. Kombucha.

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