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Review: Brew Dr. Kombucha Tranquil with CBD

Posted: Sep 01, 2020 at 3:23 PM (Last Updated: Sep 01, 2020 at 3:49 PM)
Brew Dr. Kombucha Tranquil with CBD

Covers Products: Berries CBD 25mg, Ginger CBD 25mg, Herbs CBD 25mg

Announced in July, Brew Dr. Kombucha’s latest product launch is also its first to include CBD. The Tranquil line includes three flavors in 14 oz. glass bottles: Ginger, Berries and Herbs, all of which contain 25 mg of CBD. 

Much like Brew Dr.’s other kombucha products, the base here has a tea-forward flavor profile that’s been enhanced with fruits and/or herbs. The three varieties are smooth tasting and have only a touch of fermented flavor, which is, at least in our opinion, always a good thing when it comes to kombucha. There’s a moderate amount of sweetness, with each bottle having 12 grams of sugar and 60 calories. 

All three of the flavors were quite enjoyable. Ginger has notes of lemon and ginger and is a nice play on one of the most popular kombucha flavors. Berries features notes of hibiscus, raspberry and blueberry and has the most tart flavor of the trio. Finally, there’s Herbs, which has mint, rosemary and sage in the mix and is floral and fresh tasting. 

One other important thing to note across the three flavors: you can’t taste the CBD and thankfully this product doesn’t have the dry-mouth problem that we’ve found in many of the CBD sparkling waters. They’ve clearly taken care to make sure that the CBD, which comes from Oregon-based East Fork Cultivars, does not impact the enjoyment factor of these beverages and they were definitely successful.

As mentioned above, Tranquil is packaged in a 14 oz. bottle, the same format as Brew Dr.’s flagship kombucha lineup. The label, which sits around the body of the bottle, has a hierarchy that starts with a callout for the 25 mg of CBD. From there, you’ll find a Brew Dr. logo, the Tranquil logo (the largest element on the label), and a few lines for the flavor name and the core ingredients. 

To us, this label is a bit busy and not as clean looking as Brew Dr.’s other products. However, for a brand that is mainly selling products that don’t have CBD, we definitely see the need for CBD to be front and center here so that consumers know what they are purchasing. To that end, we do like that they’ve created a specific sub-brand rather than just slapping on “+CBD” or something similar. 

Overall, Brew Dr. has done a really nice job of executing Tranquil. This is very much a no-compromise product, which isn’t something that we can always say about CBD beverages.

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