Review: CocoMazing: On Trend, But Needs Refinement

Posted: Apr 15, 2016 at 3:55 PM (Last Updated: Apr 20, 2016 at 10:17 AM)
CocoMazing: On Trend, But Needs Refinement

Covers Products: Limon, Blood Orange, Cherry Pomegranate

Sparkling coconut water drink CocoMazing is one of those ideas that, when you first see it, you wonder why it hasn’t been done before. Combining coconut water (from concentrate), sparkling water, flavoring, sugar, and stevia, the product hits on a variety of trends, including coconut water, flavored water, organic sourcing, and low calorie sparkling beverages.

The product is currently offered in three flavors: Cherry Pomegranate, Blood Orange, and Limón. Some of these are more successful than others, with flavorings, rather than juice, being used to create each of the varieties. The base of the product, which is coconut water and carbonated water, is pretty neutral tasting. It doesn’t really have a strong coconut water flavor, something that we have mixed feelings about: if a product is built around an ingredient like coconut water, we feel as though we should be able to taste it. For now, it’s really a distant background flavor aside from during the first sip.

As for the flavors, Limón was our favorite of the bunch. This was no surprise given that all of the flavors have lemon juice in them. This flavor uses a classic citrus soda flavor that pairs almost perfectly with the base of sparkling coconut water. What’s also great about this particular variety is that you don’t taste the stevia, something that we unfortunately cannot say about the other two.  The Blood Orange was our second favorite. It, too, has a nice citrus flavor, although we wouldn’t really describe it as tasting like blood oranges -- there’s a bit too much lemon in it. Lastly, there’s the Cherry Pomegranate. Clearly, they were trying to create their take on black cherry, but it still needs work. The cherry and pomegranate flavor doesn’t taste all that accurate and there’s definitely some stevia flavor.

The design of the product still needs refinement. While going into a 12 oz. glass bottle makes sense for a soda product, we question how, exactly, this product is best positioned. Off the cuff, this seems like a product that might be better suited for a can than a package like glass where you can see the liquid (it’s somewhat murky and not overly appealing). Beyond that, the design of the brand feels rather sterile and without personality and the execution of the label needs better organized text.

Overall, we feel as though there’s some potential for CocoMazing. Using coconut water as the basis for a low calorie sparkling organic beverage seems like a great approach. Now they just need to dial in the flavor and the packaging a bit.

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