Review: Legacy Juice Works Adds Organic Tart Cherry Juices

Posted: Nov 21, 2017 at 2:32 PM (Last Updated: Nov 22, 2017 at 8:46 AM)

Covers Products: Legacy - Refresh 2017, Legacy - Restore 2017, Legacy - Revive 2017, Tart Cherry Boost

Announced the Natural Expo East 2017 along with the product line’s name change, Legacy Juice Works’ line of high pressure processed (HPP) tart cherry juices includes products in both 8 oz. bottle and 2 oz. shot formats.

All of the products are 100 percent juice and have tart cherry juice at their base. From there, they’ve created several flavors, including Revive (with cucumber, pomegranate, and matcha), Refresh (with apple and turmeric), and Restore (with watermelon, ginger, and lime). For the shot product, the product comes in “Tart Cherry Boost,” which is a blend of tart cherry, turmeric, and black pepper.

As you can probably imagine, the dominant flavor in all of these products is tart cherry. There’s simply no escaping that -- or the dark red hue to the liquid -- no matter what you put in it. That said, the different SKUs are more nuanced variations for the same user rather than things that will help broaden the brand’s appeal.

That said, all three of the 8 oz. variations are enjoyable, but it’s a toss up between Revive and Restore in terms of which one we like the best. In both cases, the lighter flavor that they’ve added (watermelon or cucumber) is a nice addition to the mix. Being completely honest, we’d love to see them add a bit more of these other flavors so that the cherry juice is a bit less overpowering than it currently is.

In the case of the shot, this might be the only product in the bunch that’s for a different user. It’s a much more tart and intensely flavored product, although it is somewhat one-dimensional in that the flavor of tart cherry is most of what you taste. Cutting it with a bit of citrus might be one way to enhance it.

Moving on to the packaging, Legacy Juice Works has made a lateral move from the packaging that was used under their old name, Saratoga Juice Bar. It has the same clean, stacked format on the label. It’s fine from a readability perspective, although their attempt to add a swath of color to differentiate the three flavors doesn’t seem overly effective. And much like the flavor, overcoming the cherry juice is also difficult when it comes to the color of the packaging, especially when a clear bottle is used.

In the end, we like what Legacy Juice Works has created -- at least when compared to other tart cherry juice products that we’ve sampled. However, we wonder if there isn’t a bigger opportunity for this brand if they can make SKUs that aren’t just for the consumer that’s after almost pure tart cherry juice. Until then, these are fine products that definitely serve their niche well.

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