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Real Soda Taste from Raw Kombucha. LIVE Kombucha Soda is bringing classic flavors to the Functional and Kombucha category. LIVE Kombucha has eight delicious soda inspired flavors:

• Dreamy ORANGE, a sweet and tangy blend of vanilla, cream, and orange
• Sparkling GINGER, a burst of ginger, spiced just right
• Culture COLA, sweet and brisk, puts a sensible spin on a traditional flavor
• Pure DOCTOR, sweet with a touch of spice, authentic flavor with a kick
• Revive ROOTBEER, Creamy, bold and refreshingly smooth
• Living LIMON, sweet and tart, perfectly balanced citrus flavor
• Pomtastic BLUEBERRY, a blend of blueberry and tangy pomegranate
• Refreshing RHUBERRY, the sweetness of strawberry and the tartness of rhubarb united

LIVE Kombucha Soda puts a new spin on the functional beverage. LIVE is the only Kombucha brand with tried and true soda flavors. All of the flavors are achieved by only adding spices, extracts and essential oils to raw and organic kombucha. Our labels state our naturally occurring and measured probiotic content: Lactobacillus spp: 3.5 billion Saccharomyces boulardii: 3.3 billion. Our raw organic kombucha is hand-crafted with the finest ingredients and combines all of the raw benefits of kombucha with the popular taste of soda. LIVE is USDA Certified Organic, NON-GMO Project Verified and Fair Trade Certified.

Delicious, refreshing, enjoyable kombucha - start here, see where your kombucha journey takes you. Cheers to a better tasting kombucha!

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