Review: Native Jack Nitro Hemp Thai Coffee

Posted: Nov 08, 2016 at 11:33 AM (Last Updated: Nov 08, 2016 at 12:02 PM)

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Native Jack is a cold brew coffee that is a self-described “nitro hemp thai coffee.” In addition to being a part of the cold brew coffee category, the product also promotes its protein content (9g per can).

Now, there’s a lot going on here -- cold brew coffee, hemp oil, nitro, protein, Thai -- but what’s really lacking is focus. From looking at the product, there seem to be too many selling points. And the way that they’ve executed it, using a text-heavy, sleeve-wrapped can, is a bit rough on the eyes. The result is something that doesn’t have any particular element that resonates with you and has to be picked up and really examined. But even if you do this, it will likely only create more questions than answers (What’s a Thai cold brew coffee? Why does hemp oil taste like? Is there a connection between the hemp oil and it being made in Colorado?).

Inside the can, they’ve done a pretty decent job of creating something that’s unique as far as cold-brew goes. Specifically, there’s the “Thai style” aspect to it, which means that they’ve used sweetened condensed milk along with almond and cardamom extracts. This adds dairy, sweetness, and a light spice, while the nitro gives it a slightly textured body. The hemp oil doesn’t add anything noticeable, nor should it, but it does, presumably, contribute to the protein content. In the end, it’s a fairly pleasant tasting product to drink and it’s smooth and clean in its finish.

Putting this all together, we feel like this is one of those products where the experience inside the can doesn’t really jibe with how it’s presented on the outside. The branding feels jumbled and not overly credible, while the liquid is actually quite good and unique. The only thing we’re not sold on is the hemp oil, which we feel will only appeal to a limited niche, whereas there’s a much bigger potential consumer base for a solid tasting nitro cold-brew coffee.

We’d really love to see the brand proposition be more focused and simple so that the consumer knows they are getting a high quality can of cold-brew when they purchase the product. Right now, that’s just not the case.

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