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Review: Red Barn Nitro Cold Brew

Posted: Jan 02, 2018 at 11:07 AM (Last Updated: Jan 02, 2018 at 12:28 PM)

Covers Products: Nitro Cold-Brew

Red Barn Nitro Cold Brew is the product of Upton, Mass. based Red Barn Coffee Roasters, which is a regional coffee roaster that operates several retail locations. Like many coffee roasters getting into the cold-brew game, this is their first ready to drink offering and it’s one that will serve as a takeaway product from their retail locations.

Currently, Red Barn Nitro is available in a single unsweetened and unflavored SKU. It’s made with water and coffee and is infused with nitrogen, resulting in a really straightforward product. Then again, there isn’t anything that really differentiates this liquid from the majority of other brands that are also offering nitro infused unsweetened/unflavored cold-brew.

Speaking of nitrogen infused, the sample cans that we tried didn’t really have a lot going on in this department. We tried shaking the product vigorously and pouring hard, but the product doesn’t cascade.

On the packaging front, Red Barn comes in an 11.5 oz. slimcan with a sleeve wrap. The red and white design is definitely sharp looking and catches the eye. However, the arrangement of the label, which focuses heavily on the word “Nitro,” doesn’t do a great job of establishing the Red Barn brand or setting the brand up for additional SKUs.

Ultimately, Red Barn Nitro is a nice looking and solid tasting cold-brew coffee. It seems like something that could have a shot at being a regional player -- and we’re sure it will be a hit at their retail outlets. While it’s hard for us to see this product expanding much beyond that (at least with this single SKU), it’s definitely a worthy product when it comes to unadulterated cold-brew coffee.

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