Review: Sap Sucker

Posted: Aug 24, 2020 at 11:28 AM (Last Updated: Aug 24, 2020 at 4:13 PM)
Sap Sucker

Covers Products: The Lemon One, The Lime One, The Original One

Sap Sucker is a new line of organic sparkling tree water beverages that are made in Canada. The product is launching three flavors: Lime, Lemon and Original.

One of the things that’s nice about Sap Sucker is the simple list of ingredients, which starts with carbonated maple tree water. Along with citric acid, these are the only ingredients used to create the Original SKU. The other two varieties have added natural flavors as well. 

All three flavors have 35 calories and 7 grams of sugar, which comes exclusively from the maple tree water, per 12 oz. can. Like other sparkling tree waters that have come before it, it sits nicely in between a sparkling water and a higher calorie CSD.

As far as taste is concerned, all three of these products are clean and very straightforward. There’s a mild amount of sweetness along with a very subtle note of maple water and the carbonation provides a crisp mouthfeel. 

While we found the purity of Original to be the most enjoyable SKU, Sap Sucker’s two flavored offerings are well executed as well. In both cases, they used restraint when adding the flavorings, which do a nice job of complementing (rather than masking) the notes of maple water. However, we wonder if having both Lemon and Lime options is the best approach as they are pretty similar to one another.

On the outside, the brand has gone with a standard 12 ounce can on a glossy shrink sleeve label. As required by Canada, it has label copy in both English and French. They’ve addressed this by creating a different front side for each version. 

In both cases, the layout is clean and minimalist, with only a few lines of copy to describe the product. This includes “tapped in Canada,” the Sap Sucker logo, the flavor name, and “organic sparkling tree water.” Plus, we like the Sap Sucker name, which is both a good product descriptor and also fun and eye-catching. Honestly, the only question we had is whether or not they should put “sparkling maple water” or “sparkling maple tree water” instead of just “sparkling tree water.” But this is admittedly somewhat of a nuanced difference.

In the end, we think that Sap Sucker is a well-executed entry into the sparkling maple/tree water set. Then again, we’re not sure that it offers anything beyond what we’ve already seen in this category -- which hasn’t exactly taken off in a major way. While Sap Sucker is indeed an enjoyable offering, we do wish that the brand would have been a bit more progressive. 

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