Seven Sparkling

by Seven Degrees LLC

Review: Seven Sparkling Water

Posted: Dec 07, 2017 at 1:08 PM (Last Updated: Dec 12, 2017 at 12:31 PM)

Covers Products: Champagne Wishes, Coconut Lime, Grapefruit Melon, Margaritahh

Seven Sparkling Water, which was created by the same folks behind Project 7, is a new entry into the explosive flavored sparkling water category. It’s launching with four flavors, including Grapefruit Melon, Coconut Lime, Champagne Wishes and Margaritahh.

The company appears to believe their approach to flavor will be the brand’s foot in the door. Each flavor contains juice (about 3-5 percent), no added sugar, only 10-15 calories per can, and flavorings that have more depth than a standard flavored sparkling water. This is noticeable with even the two fruit-flavored offerings, Grapefruit Melon and Coconut Lime. They’ve done a really nice job of bringing the flavor to a point where it’s full bodied, but still drinks like a sparkling water.

As for the other two flavors, Margaritahh and Champagne Wishes, they’ve crafted products that were inspired by alcoholic beverages (these are non-alcoholic, of course). It’s definitely an innovative approach to the category. From an aroma perspective, these products are deadly accurate in comparison to the real thing. Fortunately, this doesn’t carry over to the flavor. Instead, there are some similarities with these flavorings, but they obviously don’t contain the real alcoholic ingredients. There’s a little bit of an adjustment for your palate as it tries to figure these things out, but both flavors are enjoyable and refreshing.

Seven’s choice of packaging is a slim 12 oz. can with a white paint job. Between this and the silver bubble illustrations, it definitely looks the part of a low calorie, better-for-you sparkling beverage. For the two fruit-flavored offerings, things really couldn’t be more intuitive. They’ve stacked all of the information in an easy to read layout and there’s even an illustrated fruit image to tie it all together.

However, when it comes to the two alcohol inspired flavors, they’ve also added the words “non-alcoholic” to the front of the can. While we realize why they need to do this, we wonder if it’s something that will give consumers pause as they pick the product up. And there’s also the larger question about the consumer and during which use occasions they’ll want the flavor of alcohol in their sparkling water. From our perspective, it’s really hard to speculate what this potential is given that this is an innovative concept.

All in all, we like what Seven is coming out of the gate with. We think they’ve created something unique and, thanks to the use of stronger flavor profiles and alcohol inspired offerings, something that has a point of differentiation that will allow it to get a foot in the door.

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