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Review: Superior Switchel

Posted: Oct 02, 2018 at 1:26 PM (Last Updated: Oct 02, 2018 at 4:36 PM)

Covers Products: Honey Cinnamon Kick, Lavender Lemon Lift, Orange Maple Splash

Superior Switchel is a line of USDA Organic certified carbonated apple cider vinegar (ACV) and ginger beverages. There are currently three flavors available: Lavender Lemon Lift, Honey Cinnamon Kick, and Orange Maple Stash.

Each bottle contains high quality ingredients, including honey, apple cider vinegar, ginger puree, and other spices for flavoring. What you won’t find are flavorings or any other ingredients to enhance or preserve the product. To that end, most consumers should be able to pick these products up and understand what's inside of them.

This translates directly to the taste. Unlike some ACV beverages out there that smack you in the face with vinegar flavor, Superior Switchel is smooth and balanced with carbonated water, honey, ginger, and ACV providing the base. From there, the products each feature their own blend of spices. And in all three of the products, what is advertised on the label is exactly what you taste. While we thoroughly enjoyed all three, we were most partial to the Honey Cinnamon Kick and the spicy finish that it contains.

Nutritionally, each 12 oz. bottle has 70 calories and 16g of sugar. It’s certainly not a “light” product, but it’s ahead of the curve in comparison with other full-calorie sparkling products.

Packaging and branding are two areas where we think Superior Switchel is in need of some help. It is currently packaged in a 12 oz long neck clear glass bottle with a blue label that features a vertically oriented logo. While this definitely makes it look like an artisanal product, it really fails to create something that is appealing to the eye. In addition, it’s really easy to miss the branding AND the word “Switchel” in the current design. In our opinion, taking a fresh look at the branding and perhaps considering another package format would be a good idea.

Overall, Superior Switchel is definitely one of the more enjoyable tasting switchel products that we’ve sampled. They hit the nail on the head in terms of crafting flavors that could appeal to a pretty broad audience. However, there’s still some heavy lifting to be done with the branding and packaging.

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