Review: GT's Kombucha “Bloom” - 2018 Spring Edition

Posted: Apr 26, 2018 at 8:31 AM (Last Updated: Apr 27, 2018 at 10:21 AM)

Covers Products: Bloom

The latest extension of the GT’s Kombucha seasonal lineup is Bloom, which blends elderflower, jasmine, and violet in what might be their most unique seasonal release to date.

Much like other GT’s flavors, the product really excels thanks to its balanced  formulation. In this particular case, the product is floral and fresh, with a mild amount of sweetness that’s consistent with their other seasonal offerings (this one has 8g of sugar per 8 oz.).

And of course, the product tastes great because the kombucha that is the base of the drink is well executed. It’s made with black tea, green tea, kiwi juice, and kombucha culture and has just the right amount of tea flavor, effervescence, and sweetness. It is, especially when paired with the flavors that they’ve layered on top, quite crushable.

Beyond what’s inside the bottle, GT’s Living Foods is including a charitable component to the sale of the product -- now standard for their seasonal offerings. This time around, they are supporting the Born this Way Foundation (read more about it in the official press release).

Finally, there’s the packaging. Bloom has the painted-on label that you’ll find on all of their seasonals. The illustrated approach is whimsical but clearly very carefully executed. You’ll find all of the important elements colored in yellow and placed in the center, while elements colored in white are more conceptual and speak to some of the things that the GT’s brand stands for.

In the end, we’re big fans of Bloom just as we have been with some of their prior seasonal offerings. We really do appreciate that each one of these products is at the same level of quality and execution as the products that are part of their everyday line (which is not something we always say about limited run products). Plus, we think it’s a really smart showcase for GT’s, both in terms of giving the consumer a steady stream of stuff that’s new and showing their ability to innovate.

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