Review: GT’s Kombucha Living in Gratitude Seasonal

Posted: Oct 30, 2017 at 3:19 PM (Last Updated: Nov 08, 2017 at 12:31 PM)

Covers Products: Living in Gratitude

Continuing with the theme of limited edition flavors that started with their 20th anniversary flavor, launched back in 2015, GT’s Kombucha has recently released a 2017 Fall seasonal flavor called “Living in Gratitude.”

The product, which also has a social/charitable component, is a blend of kombucha, apple, turmeric, carrot, and cider spices. The flavor is lightly sweet, moderately effervescent, and is complex but smooth.. They’ve done a superb job of selecting flavors that complement each other, withthe turmeric and cider spices working really well with the sweetness of the apple and the vegetable flavor that the carrot imparts.

Unlike the many pumpkin spice flavored products that are practically smacking your palate with “Fall” flavors, GT’s Gratitude does it in a really subtle and enjoyable way. The underlying flavors really shine, which makes this a product that could certainly have legs beyond just being a seasonal flavor. However, as a seasonal product -- and there are a growing number in the kombucha category -- this is probably one of the best tasting ones we’ve ever sampled.

On the packaging front, we’ve been in love with the style of the seasonal labels since we first laid our eyes on the Sharing Gratitude flavor back in 2015. It’s clean and visually appealing, and its simplicity feels on-brand for a company that’s about organic and raw living food.

However, we have two suggestions for how they could make this even better. First, we wish that that the flavor of the product had a more prominent place on the bottle (or perhaps a flavor name). Second, if seasonals are going to continue to be a part of the GT’s lineup, we wish that there was a more clear way to make it obvious that this is the current seasonal (e.g. a larger “Fall 2017” callout).

Overall, GT’s Living in Gratitude is a really well-executed seasonal offering that’s super tasty and very on-trend. It’s definitely one of the best tasting kombucha products that we’ve had all year.

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