Review: Wedderspoon Goes RTD with Unfiltered Apple Cider Drinking Vinegar

Posted: May 15, 2019 at 10:27 AM (Last Updated: May 15, 2019 at 4:13 PM)

Covers Products: Apple Cider Drinking Vinegar - Boost Matcha Lemon Cayenne 10oz, Apple Cider Drinking Vinegar - Detox Ginger Turmeric 10oz, Apple Cider Drinking Vinegar - Immunity Blackcurrant 10oz

Wedderspoon is a company that produces manuka-honey based products, including personal care products, drinking vinegars and candy, as well as raw manuka honey in a variety of different formats. Now the company is jumping into the RTD beverage game with a three-flavor line of unfiltered apple cider vinegar (ACV) beverages.

The three flavors include Detox Ginger Turmeric, Immunity Blackcurrant, and Boost Matcha Lemon Cayenne. All three are formulated to be 80 calories (and 17g of sugar) per 10 ounce bottle and include Staimune probiotic cultures).

At the core of each flavor is a base of water, raw apple cider vinegar, and raw manuka honey. In addition, all three use juice concentrates for flavoring, although the juice content (percent by volume) in each is not disclosed.

The resulting flavors are rather light, with neither the ACV or manuka honey dominating the other. The juice flavor in each is also light -- and unfortunately tastes like it’s from concentrate.

For a product that’s shouting “APPLE CIDER VINEGAR” and “MANUKA HONEY” on the label, we’d really like to see these flavors shine through even stronger. And we’d like to see more refined accent flavors and perhaps organic ingredients, which are something that may be important to the consumer that’s into the product’s two hero ingredients. In the absence of any change, we feel as though it will be challenging for this product to keep consumers engaged with the flavor.

As mentioned earlier, the product is packaged in a long and narrow 10 oz PET bottle that’s most commonly used in cold-pressed juices. Wedderspoon’s logo is at the top of the bottle, followed by a long swath of text that uses a variety of different font sizes. In the middle of the label you’ll find a picture of some of the core ingredients -- e.g. ginger and turmeric on the Detox Ginger Turmeric flavor -- followed by additional text.

From our perspective, this design is not as clean and polished as some of Wedderspoon’s other products (which do a pretty good job of arranging large amounts of text). As a result, we think this label presents the consumer with too much info. Reducing this and improving the layout will certainly help the product’s curb appeal.

In the end, we think that the concept of a Wedderspoon RTD with ACV and manuka honey is a good one. However, we see refinement of both the liquid and the packaging as a necessary step for this drink to reach its full potential.

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